Is it worth killing the warden?

It’s safe to say that you should be well equipped when you go to fight the Warden. The best armor and weapons, with lots of stuff to help you regenerate your health.

Trying to keep your distance from the Keeper during a fight should be a priority. Even if you can tank one shot, you’re not sure if you can tank two.

How to notice the Warden

If you now want to embark on the quest to track down and kill the Warden, be careful: the Warden is extremely difficult to defeat, and since he does not To drop loot valuable, not worth fighting for. Instead, you should try to avoid any encounters with him. Two warning signs will help you notice the presence of a Keeper in time, before you make a noise and attract him. First, all light sources start flashing when a Warden is nearby. So, if you suddenly notice a flicker of your torches underground, shut up! Additionally, the Warden has a distinct audible heartbeat. If you hear this, look around and try to spot the guardian to avoid him.

So far, we don’t know much more about the new Minecraft Warden Mob either. It is essentially a large underground monster that attacks and kills anything that makes noise. We hope you enjoy your escape from the Keeper!

A guardian in Minecraft is worth killing

The guardian, upon his death, will drop you three experience orbs, which is quite disappointing as he finds the deep biome and then kills the guardian is quite a difficult task, so it is not worth killing him as there is a high probability that you will die and lose your valuable items.

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The guardian may be blind, but he has super powered ears which he will use to track down and kill the player, but you can distract him by throwing snowballs and eggs.

Things to keep in mind

When he falls back into a hole, his fighting ability is drastically reduced. Also, azalea bushes can be placed around the crowd. If completely surrounded, the Guardian is unable to jump over the bushes and reach the player. Keep in mind that the sonic boom attack will not stop.

To take down the Warden, Minecrafters will need to carry a shield at a minimum. The Warden is able to destroy shields for a short time, but this piece of equipment can still protect players from powerful mob attacks.

What do the Keepers drop?

But what exactly do the Wardens leave behind? Other than a small amount of experience, players will receive nothing but Sculk Catalyst from Wardens. It is an item that is used to create a patch of Sculk with Sculk Veins if a mob dies within eight blocks of it.

That said, Wardens were not created to be killed or hunted. They are incredibly strong and should be avoided when exploring ancient cities. The real valuable loot you can find in these places comes from chests.

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