Is it better to fish when raining Minecraft?

Rain is a semi-common transient, global event that can happen anytime in the world randomly. Instead, it snows in colder biomes and at higher altitudes. Rain does not fall in hotter biomes, such as deserts and savannas, or other dimensions.

Precipitation lasts an average of 0.5-1 Minecraft day, with an interval of 0.5-7.5 days between rains. Thunderstorms are possible if the rain continues.

How do you fish in Minecraft?

To start fishing, first prepare a fishing rod. To fish, hold the fishing rod in your hand and press the button that uses the tool towards the water. Water is available for fishing even if there is only 1 square.

When you use a fishing rod, the fishing rod floats on the surface of the water. After a while, a spray hits the float and drags it into the water. Just when you dip the float, you can get it by pressing the Use Tool button again.

Is fishing better in the rain in Minecraft?

Yes, believe it or not, it’s better to fish in the rain in Minecraft! The waiting time to catch a fish is reduced by an average of 20%. So, it’s a nice time saver if you’re really looking to catch a lot of fish.

Unfortunately, there are currently no decoys in Minecraft. The only way to really improve your fishing skill is to add the Luck of the Sea spell to your rod. This will give you a better chance of capturing items in the treasure table. These are things like bows, enchanted books, fishing rods, name tags, nautilus shells, and saddles!

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Where is the best place to fish in Minecraft?

Any body of water exposed to direct sunlight is the best place to fish in Minecraft. Regardless of the size of the body of water, if it’s exposed to the sky, you’ll be good to go. Another best way to farm resources is to fish in rainy weather. This way you will get tons of fish, spells, treasures and more in a very short period of time. So whenever you see the rain, go ahead, just grab your fishing rod and start fishing.

Junk rewards

  • Bowl
  • Leather
  • Leather boots damaged, not enchanted
  • Fishing poles damaged, not enchanted
  • Water lilies
  • Bamboo (jungle biome)
  • Cocoa beans (jungle biome)
  • Sticks
  • Rotten meat
  • String
  • Bone
  • Water bottle
  • Ink pouch
  • Tripwire Hook

You can enchant your fishing rod to help you fish faster and more efficiently. The two unique enchantments for fishing rods are “Lure” and “Luck of the Sea”.

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