Is it appropriate for a 12 year old?

I picked my kids up from school for two days and took them out of state for a Lizzo concert; thanks to my cousin Sarah who hosted us, she arranged seats for us and made us pancakes. #GoddessEnergy #CousinsWhoKickIt 

I’ve discovered Lizzo over and over again in the last decade. My children know her music. My trio – Adrian, Azzy and Frida Hallelujah – are growing up like me in some ways, fully embracing hip-hop, discussing censorship, the power of words, stories and music.

Amazon Reviews

People who have read the book sometimes leave a review. Some of these reviewers will include information about the content, but most won’t. You may need to read a few (or more) reviews to get an idea.

Goodreads is THE place for book lovers of all kinds. You can find reviews, groups, lists, and chats dedicated to all things books. Spend some time browsing the site and reading reviews from other parents or book lovers to find out if a book is age-appropriate.

Mobile phone rules for 11-12 year olds: essential milestones

If you manage expectations for your child’s behavior, he will do his best to meet them. If you don’t set any expectations, just wait for their behavior to get worse. That’s why parents should set specific and clear guidelines for acceptable phone use and the consequences if the rules aren’t followed. Plus, you’ll find recommendations on what type of content should be considered, when your child should and shouldn’t use the phone, and how your child should use the device to benefit from it.

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Browsing the web. Of course, it’s up to you whether or not you want your child to be exposed to the World Wide Web. Although giving a middle school student access to the Internet isn’t the best idea. There are many temptations for this age group out there, many of which can be dangerous. You can block access to the browser so that your child cannot If you allow the Internet and you are concerned about your child’s safety, you can benefit from special apps for filtering web content

Focus on face-to-face – Face-to-face interactions

But aside from setting screen time limits, Dr. Yousuf said parents need to focus on face-to-face interactions with their children.

“Younger children don’t relate to what they see on a screen like they do in real life. The subliminal messages we send during in-person conversations don’t display the same way on a screen,” she said. “When you play with a young child, you teach him how to interact with his environment. Studies show that the more interactive you can be with they, the better off they will be because they use more senses, like listening, touching and smelling.

Adult content: is Wednesday too scary for kids?

There are scary and violent scenes including jumps fear they might make Wednesday too scary for small children.

Wednesday releases piranhas into a swimming pool to try and kill classmates. A monster is on the loose tearing people apart, leaving their bodies unrecognizable The scenes show severed heads, legs and arms.

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