Is donkey rare in Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games nowadays among the younger generation. Minecraft video game is developed in java programming language by Markus Persson. Minecraft is an adventure game and you can do many things in this game. Minecraft is available on different platforms including Windows, MAC, Play Station, X-box and mobile phones. Throughout the Minecraft game you will find different animals in different biomes. In this guide, we will detail everything about how to tame the best animals in Minecraft.

Taming is one of the game techniques that allow players to tame and tame wild mobs. Each animal can be tamed with different types of techniques in Minecraft so that you can gain their trust and use them for a different purpose in your game. Below you will find different lists of animals and how to tame them in Minecraft.

Getting Golden Carrots in Minecraft

Golden Carrot is just another carrot but with gold you can craft on the crafting table by placing a carrot in the middle of eight nuggets gold, as seen in the image below.

Mule vs Donkey in Minecraft

Both the mule and donkey in Minecraft are very useful companions. They can be used to travel from place to place more quickly, while still being an effective way to transport supplies. Many players tend to choose a donkey while others tend to choose a mule. Here is a comparison of both animals in Minecraft so you can choose between the two.

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Get a mule in Minecraft

In Minecraft, some mobs do not spawn naturally and therefore cannot be found by simply exploring. Unfortunately, mules are one of the few mobs that don’t spawn naturally. To get a mule in Minecraft, players will first need to find a donkey and a horse. When a donkey and a horse are crossed, the child will be a completely new crowd, that is, a mule.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, horses spawn naturally in Savannah and Plains biomes, while donkeys spawn exclusively in Plains. After finding a horse and a donkey, players will first have to tame the horse and then feed them carrots or golden apples to get them into love mode. After entering love mode, the donkey and horse will spawn a mule.


Players can tame adult donkeys by mounting it repeatedly by clicking on it. After a while the hearts go up in the air and the donkey is tamed. Players can only breed donkeys if they are tame.

Players can raise Minecraft Donkeys using golden carrots or golden apples. Feeding them sends them into love mode. They produce a foal and the foal is not domesticated when it is born. Players have to tame them when they become adults.

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