Is DDR4 better than DDR5?

DDR5 RAMs are relatively easy to find on the market: there are kits with 32GB (two 16GB sticks) in the DIMM format used in desktops sold on the market at prices that currently start at $134. Memory is also available here from 5,200 MHz, but you may have difficulty finding a wide variety of models; and of course the prices go up a bit: the 16GB kit (two 8GB sticks) we found costs no less than $62.

There are also physically smaller SODIMM options in the format used by laptops and mobile workstations. DDR5 notebook RAM already has a market in select models from Dell, Acer — like the long-running last-generation Nitro 5 — and options from Avell. In general, laptop DDR5 RAM models are more expensive, with prices in the $259 range for a 32GB 4,800MHz kit.

DDR4 or DDR5 RAM for gaming? We break it down so you can make the best decision for your needs.

It’s no secret that the world of technology moves quickly. What was once cutting edge is now obsolete and to keep up with the times you need to keep up with the latest advances. That’s why it’s important to learn about DDR5 memory, an upcoming upgrade that promises better performance and energy efficiency than DDR4.

Should you upgrade to DDR5 immediately?

DDR5 is currently in its infancy stage and will mature over the years into its lifecycle, improving performance and reducing cost. Upgrading to DDR5 will mean changing the entire CPU and motherboard.

Choosing DDR5 right now is not a good option because currently only Intel 12th generation chips and Z690 motherboard support this technology. AMD is expected to release support in 2022 with the next generation Zen 4 Ryzen CPUs.

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