Is Crying Obsidian real?

Crying Obsidian in Minecraft is something new added in the recent Nether update. The addition has focused on the Nether, of course, and offers a ton of new stuff to hunt and craft. There is the new Ancient Debris used to create Netherite. This stuff is harder than diamond and is really useful. You can use Netherite to make really strong tools and equipment.

Although to create those tools you must first create the Smithing Table. But once you’ve managed all that, you can finally start crafting tools and venture out fearlessly. One of the things you’ll find in the new biomes is potentially a ruined portal. This is the main source for Crying Obsidian in Minecraft.

You use to cry Obsidian

  • Weeping Obsidian is one of the hardest blocks in the game and has high blast resistance. They are also robust against attacks from the Ender Dragon.
  • It is mainly used to create a respawn anchor.
  • It also emits light and can therefore be used as a light source.
  • However, unlike regular obsidian, Weeping Obsidian in Minecraft cannot be used to create Nether Portals.

What does weeping obsidian do?

How to use weeping obsidian

These purple blocks may appear to be usable as decoration for your structures, but they can actually come in handy for building portals to the Nether.

Aesthetic Uses

Crying Obsidian is blue and purple, which makes it look great for building new structures in creative mode. Crying Obsidian will also emit purple particles from time to time that will resemble his tears. This effect on a large-scale structure with lots of Crying Obsidian blocks has a very surreal look that you can use to your advantage in Minecraft’s Creative mode.

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Crying Obsidian is also a light-emitting block that emits purple light. While it can’t melt snow and ice, you can still use it for aesthetic lighting as it has a light level of 10.

How to craft a Netherite Pickaxe to mine Weeping Obsidian?

Netherite pickaxes are the strongest in Minecraft and one of two pickaxes you can use to mine Weeping Obsidian. A new item in Minecraft was introduced to the game during the Nether update. It is the strongest pickaxe in the game, lasting longer than the rest of the pickaxes.

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