Is Beast Boy Only a tiger?

Perhaps the least visible member of the “Titans” live so far has been Beast Boy, played by Ryan Potter. But that changes now that DC Universe has unveiled a new trailer that mainly focuses on him and shows the physical transformation of him. It even has its own theme music!

Beast Boy Gets Spotlight on Titans Instagram Account

The post with the caption featured a video of great moments from Gar, including a chat with Connor aka Superboy for Season 2 where Gar asks what he can do. And the smile on Gar’s face is pure joy and mischief.

But really, we love that Gar is part of the Titans for so many reasons. He’s fun and entertaining, with a sense of right and wrong that usually helps ground the rest of the team (when they’re pretending to be a team). And of course, his ability to shapeshift makes him a favorite of Dog O’Day.

What animal did Gar turn into in Titans season 3, episode 12?

After seeing that Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, had been killed after being shot by a supporter of Little Red Riding Hood, Gar transformed into a bat.

It wasn’t as smooth a transformation as he was used to, with the giant bat head and claws appearing before he shrunk into a green creature of the night. After he and the other bats saved Dick (by dropping his body into the Lazarus Pit), he was visibly weakened.

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