Is allay a fairy?

Minecraft Live 2021 is coming soon, and with it they’re teasing new features that fans can vote on. The second mob to be teased is the Minecraft mob, which can help you get items automatically.

Zoom out notes

  • Unfortunately, Allays can’t mine blocks, so you can’t hand them a block and expect them to come back with a stack of that resource.
  • Allays can only hold one stack of one element at a time (usually 64).
  • While allies cannot be tamed, you can place a lead or name tag on them to perform their normal function instead of giving them the item.
  • Whoever gives an item to an Allay cannot harm it. Others may hurt them and cause them to panic. The Allay will automatically regenerate two hearts per damage when escaping from danger.
  • If you place a note block and hit it, any nearby ally will come to that block and drop whatever item it has gathered instead of the player who gave it the item.
  • Allays will follow any player who gives them an item up to 64 blocks away. They will search for items within a 32 block vicinity of that player.
  • Allays cannot enter the water, but he will try to retrieve items underwater.


Gathering items can be problematic in certain situations like a fearsome battle and this is where the Allays can help you as it will gather the items for you today we learned where to find and duplicate them . We also go through the procedure to use them properly for your benefit.

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What is the Allay?

The Allay is a blue fairy-like creature. These cute little pixies spawn in the overworld, so it’s likely that you’ll run into one eventually while exploring the surface of your world.

Like most passive mobs, the Allay can be tamed with… cookies? Give an Allay enough cookies and it will be your next best friend! Of course, this is from the test build, so it is subject to change. This whole cookie thing makes a lot more sense once you watch the preview video below.

When will Allay arrive in the game?

YouTube: beards

The Allay has been selected to be included in The Wild Update which will be released sometime this year. However, the exact dates for the release have yet to be revealed. Players will also be able to see the Guardian, Frogs, and Fireflies in the Minecraft 1.19 update!

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