Is a trident better than a sword?

Especially during the early stages of the game, the diamond sword can be considered an expensive weapon. After all, trying to find diamonds can be problematic. Fortunately, the diamond sword can be repaired.

While the diamond sword can have incredible durability, breaking it is inevitable. That is unless you fix it. Here’s how to do it.

Combat in Minecraft

One of the difficulties you will find in Minecraft are the enemies. Since this is a survival game, you will have to avoid hostile mobs in the wild or fight with them. In any case, you will need experience in attacking and defending successfully using the tools of the game.

Aside from the movements you make during in-game combat, like hitting a mob mid-jump to strike higher and knock it back, you’ll see that weapon type also plays a huge part in your success.

As Trident is better than other weapons

Minecraft game includes many weapons in the game with different specialties some can be used as melee weapon while some can be used as ranged weapon which you can throw from afar. Each of these weapons has its own special qualities, for example, melee weapons like swords will help you in close combat, while ranged weapons like bows will help you kill mobs from a distance. But the trident has both qualities and you can use it both ways depending on the situation which makes it superior to the others.

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Unlike other weapons, you can’t create a trident, but you have to find it and that’s not easy either. You have to go underwater and you have to find a drowned mob which is green in color. Not all drowned mobs carry this weapon, so you need to find one with a trident in hand as shown below.

What is a trident?

Throughout history, tridents originated from ancient Greece and Rome. They were first used for fishing and then adapted for fighting. Some gladiators used tridents and nets as their most effective weapons in combat.

Tridents in Minecraft aren’t that different. However, while you can use them for fishing, it’s a bit of an overkill. So instead, using them as a weapon is much more effective. In fact, with the right Trident spells, they’re the most powerful weapon in the game.

Trident Enchantments Minecraft Game

The Trident function is to contain a unique enchantment. The player can increase the chances if the player has a looting spell, so make sure to go out with that equipped to make farming more efficient. Below is the list of Minecraft trident enchantments:

  • Loyalty: After throwing the trident, it returns to the player after a few seconds.
  • Channeling – if a thrown trident hits a mob/water animal during a thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning is summoned, which helps deal a lot of damage.
  • Riptide – throwing a trident underwater or in the rain carries the player can fly with the tridents during rain or snow using this spell which is incompatible with Loyalty and Channeling.
  • Impaling deals extra melee damage and ranged damage to aquatic mobs, but not to Drowned.
  • Indestructible – is used to increase durability.
  • Repair: When the trident is equipped, collected XP orbs help repair the trident instead of increasing the player’s XP, thus helping to increase and reset the life of the Trident XP orbs.
  • Curse of Vanishing – Trident disappears after death.
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