Is 3 ancient debris rare?

There is one more way to get netherite in Minecraft – from treasure chests in Bastion Remnants in the nether. Bastion Remnants are castle-like structures that can spawn naturally throughout the abyss. These chests may contain remains or ancient remains.

Considering the amount of time it takes to find Bastion Remnants and the relatively low number of Junk found in chests, it’s much more efficient to mine tunnels at level 15 than to search for Bastion Remnants.

Before You Begin

As mentioned above, materials like Netherite aren’t exactly the easiest to obtain. Most of the other ores in Minecraft are found simply by locating the relevant ore and mining it.

Netherite, on the other hand, requires you to do a few more things. You need to find Ancient Rubble. Melting down ancient debris in a furnace will give you netherite scrap, combining netherite scrap with gold will give you a netherite ingot.

How to find Ancient Rubble

Currently, Ancient Rubble can only be found in the Nether, so you’ll need to create a Nether Portal. Once you’ve made it to the Nether, you’ll want to use the tips below to give yourself the best chance of finding it.

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Step by step guide to finding ancient remains with exploding beds

  1. You are going to need a lot of wooden planks (any type of wood will do) and a lot of wool. Gather everything you can carry and take it with you to the Nether. Creating a sheep farm will help you produce a lot of wool quickly.
  2. Blowing up beds in the Nether is dangerous business. You’re going to want strong gear (iron armor or better), and if you can, enchant at least one piece with blast resistance. Another great enchantment for the Nether is fire resistance.
  3. Bring a lot of food. It’s almost impossible not to take a lot of damage when playing with exploding beds. You will need to eat food from time to time to restore your health.
  4. Brings a diamond pickaxe. You need a diamond pickaxe or better to successfully mine Ancient Debris.
  5. Now that you have your team, head into the Nether and dig a ladder or tunnel until you reach level 15 on the y-axis (press F3 to quickly check your coordinates in-game).
  6. Use your pickaxe to excavate a “starting room”. You’ll want a space big enough to fit a workbench and some chests. Give yourself plenty of room to work before you start blowing things up.
  7. Now is the time to create. Using the wood and wool you brought, make as many beds as you can. Place several in your inventory and store the rest in the chests you just created.
  8. Now we come to the fun part. It’s time to blow things up!
  9. Make sure you are far enough away from your workbench and chests and then dig a two block high tunnel. It is best to make the tunnel at least 6 or 7 blocks long. Place a bed at the end of your tunnel, and then move back at least three blocks from the foot of the bed.
  10. Place a strong block 3-4 blocks from the foot of the bed (cobblestone, thick slate or black rock work well). Make sure the block is between you and the bed.
  11. Now right click on the bed and BOOM! It will explode, wiping out several nearby blocks. You may take some damage from the explosion, but if you have the proper armor and were careful when placing the block between you and the bed, the impact should be minimal.
  12. Right click on the fires that have appeared to put them out.
  13. Scan the area for ancient debris. Remember that it is rare, so you may not find any for a while.
  14. If you find Ancient Debris, mine them with your diamond pickaxe.
  15. It is possible that the explosion will release lava flows. Be careful with these, as lava moves quickly in the Nether.
  16. Once you’ve cleared the fires and made sure you can safely move past the lava, repeat steps 9-15 until you run out of beds to explode.
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An alternative method to using exploding beds is to use a chain reaction of TNT explosions. This method requires a lot of gunpowder to create enough TNT to use for a large chain of explosions. That means you need to harvest a lot of vines, but it’s very effective, and in many ways faster and safer than using blast beds.

The Branch Mining Method

Once you’ve reached layer 15, you can try looking for ancient remnants using the branch mining method. branches. Branch mining will require you to dig 2×2 tunnels from a central space and then mine in each of those tunnels forming “branches”. When using the branch extraction method in the Nether, a diamond pickaxe with at least one Efficiency II, Repair, and Unbreaking III enchantment is highly recommended. This will allow you to mine the bottom shelf more easily and repair the durability of the pickaxe when you mine the bottom quartz you find along the way.

You can then start mining branches by digging in one direction until you find lava, then mining in another direction. Compared to the bed method, branch removal is better and more resource efficient as it is limited to using only tools and food.

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