Is 1.19 out for bedrock?

Over the last week, Mojang revealed a little more about their massive Minecraft version 1.19 update ($6.99) titled The Wild Update. This update follows Caves & Cliffs Update Part II as the first major update for the game and was finally announced for release on June 7th worldwide. Minecraft The Wild update adds new biomes, blocks and mobs. The two brand new biomes are Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp. The new mobs of minecraft 1.19 update are the guardian, the banishment and finally the frog. We recently saw footage of the allay crowd and the deep dark biome. Check it out below:

Long live the escape! A new friend? A smart collector? Or maybe a musical master? You can decide as you create your own path in #TheWildUpdate, coming soon!

Minecraft Update 1.19.40 Patch Notes (Bedrock) – October 25, 2022

Vanilla Parity:


Minecraft Version 1.19.50 Patch Notes

A new Bedrock update is about to go live, introducing Spectator mode, new touch controls and more!

Full Changelog:

When will Minecraft Bedrock Update 1.19 be released? Update 1.19 Release Date & More

The developers have been very secretive and vague about the Minecraft Bedrock Update 1.19 release date. As of this writing, Minecraft Bedrock Update 1.19 has no definite release date, but will release in 2022. The update is expected to launch as Java Edition 1.19 and Bedrock Edition 1.19.0 and will “contain live gameplay , sneak peeks, community highlights, and developers who are contractually obligated to answer your questions.”

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With Minecraft Bedrock Update 1.19, you’ll be able to get mud by pouring water on dirt just like in real life or by draining moisture and turning it into clay. There are many new and unique features coming to Minecraft Bedrock with the 1.19 update. These are exciting times for players and fans alike and we can expect more information from Mojang as the next year approaches

Steps to update Bedrock Edition on PC

  1. Open Minecraft Launcher and go to Bedrock Edition tab .
  2. By default, the game will start updating to the latest version if it hasn’t already. You can also hit the button next to the play button and select “Latest Version” to ensure your current installation updates to 1.19.40.
  3. A message to update the game may appear. If it appears, make sure you select “Yes”.
  1. Go to your respective application store (Google Play or Apple App Store) and search for Minecraft.
  2. Once on the app page, there should be a “refresh” button where the play button would normally reside. Tap this button to start the update process. After a few moments, the game should update automatically. If you try to open the app without updating, you may get a message asking you to update the game, which can also be used to start the process.

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