How to teleport in Minecraft?


Minecraft is one of the most popular games I’ve ever come across in my life. Kids and young adults love to play this game and it cannot be said that it has taken the gaming industry by storm. I’m not sure if you know this, but the world of Minecraft has 64 levels and even in the simplest version of the game, the world stretches 30 million blocks on each side. This simply means that getting from one place to another in a short amount of time is next to impossible. Thank goodness we have cheat codes to use and we can teleport from place to place.

How to teleport in Minecraft PS4: Teleporting someone to you in Minecraft

In Minecraft, teleporting someone to you prevents them from getting lost or dying. You will transfer them to a safer place or to your current location. It doesn’t have to be difficult, as there are procedures to follow depending on the version of the platform used. Can you teleport someone to you if you’re new to Minecraft?

The TP command in Minecraft allows you to teleport someone to you. This works in conjunction with the Xyz coordinates that Minecraft uses to determine your current location in the world. However, you must first launch the application and choose a world to play in. You can assist a player if you notice him losing his way.

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How to teleport in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  • Enable cheats – Pause the game, go to “World” in the options menu > “Game” > activate the “Activate” slider tricks” (see the picture below).
  • Open the chat window – do this by pressing “T” on the keyboard / right on the D-Pad on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.
  • Type the command “/teleport” – After doing this, type your character name followed by the x,y,z coordinates where you want to teleport to. So the line should look like this “/teleport Player1Name 220 25 150”.
  • Hit Enter/Confirm – If you entered everything correctly, your character should be teleported to the desired location after hitting the enter key on PC or the confirm button on console.
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    Teleport in Minecraft on console

    Console players also tend to play the more advanced version of the Bedrock Edition of the game and older versions are no longer updated. The teleport command on consoles will work the same way as on desktop. To start using the command, you need to enable cheats.

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    Here’s how to enable cheats on consoles:

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