How to tame a Axolotl in Minecraft 1.17?

Axolotls are one of three adorable new creatures added to Minecraft 1.17 with the recent Caves & Cliffs update.

You must have a pet of these ridiculous, charming, and just plain adorable little ghosts. Keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about finding, taming, feeding, and breeding Axolotls in Minecraft.

axolots in minecraft 1.17 how to update 2021

Where do Axolotls appear in Minecraft?

Axolotls only appear under the following conditions:

They can only lay eggs in water and under Y 63. They can only breed in total darkness (light level 0). Their spawning place must be within 5 squares of a stone block and there must be a solid block above their spawning place.

Because of these limitations, they are found almost exclusively in underwater caves, especially in coastal areas. However, since they can breed in any habitat, if the area meets their criteria, it is possible to find them in any area other than an underwater cave.

Can axolotls be tamed in Minecraft?

axolot in minecraft 1.17 how to tame minecraft

Technically speaking, you cannot tame axolotls in Minecraft. Frustrating, we know!!!.

However, you can get them to follow you by holding a tropical fish cube (but no tropical fish items!) when you approach them. This allows you to surround them to some extent, giving you some freedom to guide them wherever you want.

You can also tie the axolotls to strings or collect them in a bucket of water if you want to transport them further. A collected axolotl will never disappear, so you can have a pet with this method.

How can I create axolotls in Minecraft?

To create axolotls, you need to bring two adults into the same neighborhood using one of the methods described above. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to lure them with their favorite food.

Then you need to put them both in “love mode” by giving them both a bucket of tropical fish.

When they are both in “love mode”, they will breed independently and produce an infant salamander.

The baby will follow its parents into adulthood after 20 minutes, although if you are really impatient, you can shorten this time even further by feeding the newborn tropical fish in buckets.

Axolotls colors in Minecraft

Axolotls in Minecraft come in five colors.

five types axolots in minecraft 1.17 minecraft 2021

The four most common colors are lucy (pink), wild (brown), golden (yellow), and cyan (basically, off-white with water spots). In-game breeding offers a 50/50 chance that the baby salamander will inherit the color of a parent.

There is a very rare chance that the rare blue salamander will be the result of breeding.

Are axolotls hostile in Minecraft?

The Axolotls in Minecraft are a passive mob, at least as far as the player is concerned.

However, they are hostile to all other aquatic monsters, with the exception of dolphins and turtles.

Axolotls pretend to be dead. If you are a soft-hearted (or perhaps just terribly clumsy) monster and take damage to your salamander, you are more likely to play dead than dead. The same is true if you take damage from other monsters.

By faking death, the salamander slowly regains the health it has lost over time and cannot be attacked by other monsters until it resumes normal activity. In other words, these graceful amphibians are, thankfully, surprisingly resilient creatures.

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