How to summon Vll r in Minecraft?

How to find Vll r in Minecraft?
 how to find VII r

In this article we will show you how to find the Vll r entity in Minecraft and we will leave you the download link to truly find the cursed villager although we warn you that it is scary.

You will definitely realize that you will be getting to find the Vll r entity when the world suddenly goes dark suddenly changing from day to night suddenly and vice versa. The cursed villager will also try to communicate with you in strange indecipherable messages.

V II r minecraft download

To find the entity you must find the village, as from this point on creepy things start to happen. It is possible that in the chat the Vllr entity will start typing commands and communicating with the player through the chat only if you reach the village.

Be careful as the entity will try to teleport you to it and then the game will end suddenly.

V II R minecraft creepy

To find the entity you must download this version of the game that will allow you to find it because there are players who say you can find it in version 1.10 of Minecraft and in the seed 22121218 and sometimes in the seed 6702711125178129264 but after many tests we have failed to find it in these seeds.

Download Minecraft version Vll r

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