How to get the Skeleton Horse or Rider of the Apocalypse in minecraft?

Here you will learn how to summon and pet the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Minecraft. You have to know that summoning a horseman of the apocalypse has a low probability of success, since that is what the game programmers wanted, and therefore has a very strong component of chance.

The first thing you need to summon the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Minecraft is to have a skeleton horse, but not just any skeleton horse, you need a trap skeleton horse.

skeleton trap horse minecraft

The skeleton trap horse differs from the common skeleton horse in that the first one, when you get within ten blocks of it, the four horsemen of the apocalypse appear, after a light falls on the horse.

In creative mode to get a trap horse, you must use the following command:

/summon skeleton_horse ~ ~ ~ {SkeletonTrap:1}

Note that this “~ ~ ~“, are the coordinates where you want the horse to appear, and therefore you must modify it to the coordinates you want it to appear.

trap skeleton horse minecraft

You no longer need to be struck by lightning during a storm, now you just need to find a trap horse and get within ten blocks of it. If when you approach a trap horse, the four horsemen of the apocalypse and their riders appear, then you will know that it is a trap horse.

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After the four horsemen of the apocalypse appear on their horses, you must lock them up, so make them follow you and lock them in a pit three blocks high that has a hatch or a ladder so you can escape.

 skeleton trap horse apocalypse minecraft

Now comes the process of covering the trap, so that your riders are in the shade and do not receive sunlight, as this causes them damage and they will die.

The only problem is that in survival mode the trap horses are difficult to find in survival, the statistical probability of finding them is very low, so you must have your well ready beforehand.

Taming an apocalypse horse Minecraft 1.18

After you have summoned the four horsemen in either of the two ways we showed you above, you only have to kill one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

Then to have our apocalypse horse tamed, kill the rider and put a mount on the horse.

After you put the mount on the apocalypse horse, it will be your property and will have the following benefits:

If you enter the water, it won’t get us out of it, it will keep swimming with us on top of it.

Datapack with the four horses and riders of the apocalypse

This #Datapack adds four horsemen of the apocalypse to the game minecraft

This Datapack adds four horsemen of the apocalypse to the game.

You can choose to ride any of the apocalypse horses, and each of them will give you different abilities.

Map with a preloaded skeleton trap horse Minecraft pe/W10

We will provide you this map with a preloaded skeleton trap horse for Minecraft PE 1.16 so you can get it easily just by approaching it.

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