How to set spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock? (Mobile)

How to set spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock?

Spectator mode in Minecraft is the type of game where the player flies and looks at the world, but does not interact in any way with anyone. You can enter this mode, in a fairly simple way, just use the command gamemode spectator, or in an intense mode using F3 + N.


This command is only activated if you are in some other game mode, for example, in the Bedrock version, spectator mode can be implemented. But it will be activated if there are players in survival or adventure mode and the flying skill is activated.

Qualities in Minecraft spectator mode

Generally, in Minecraft spectator mode, each of these possesses certain qualities, among which we can mention:

– It is invisible.
– It can fly.
– It can pass through blocks and entities.
– It can see any entity, including other players in spectator mode.

The HUD or quick information window is totally invisible, except for the subtitles and chat, it is similar to the survival and event mode or type. The difference with others is that you can’t interact if you don’t use commands.

Another quality of the spectator is that it is completely invisible, except for other gamers or players who are also in spectator mode in Minecraft. Entities do not perceive any viewer, and the viewer does not trigger the appearance of entities, nor does it prevent an entity from disappearing.

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However, they could be recognized using commands or command blocks.

Affecting and highlighting viewers

Every viewer can be affected by “Luminosity”, only then can it be visible in Minecraft’s viewer mode, by other players, but never by entities. Every viewer can also use the “highlight viewer” mode, changing the default one, i.e. “nothing”, allowing them to look at other viewers with Luminosity.

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