How to Remove Lag On Aternos?

Remove Lag On Aternos

We will show you how to remove the lag when playing on Aternos servers in a very simple way, so you can play Minecraft again in a smooth way.

The steps you must follow to optimize your Aternos server are as follows.

1- Open your internet browser and enter your Aternos server, in the section called Spigot, click on the “Change” button, as shown in the following image:

Remove Lag On Aternos minecraft

2- A new section called Software will open. Here you should look for and click on “Spigot/Bukkit”.

spigot bukkit

3- From here a new window will open with all the current Minecraft versions, but you must click on the version you are playing.

versions minecraft

4- Then you only have to press the button marked with the red arrow in the following image:

How To Remove Lag On Aternos! minecraft

5- Then, in the left sidebar you will see an icon with a puzzle shape, which you will have to click, this button will take you to the Aternos Plugins area.

puzzle icon aternos

6- Now you must find a plugin called “ClearLagg“, if you don’t have it installed by default in Aternos you must search and install it with the plugin search bar in the upper right corner.

Read carefully that in the description of the plugin “ClearLagg” it says the following: “A new perfect way to clear common lagg in your server!“After installed you must click on the ClearLagg plugin.

7- Now you simply must install the most updated and most recent version, which you know by the date and they are always in the first place. To download just click on the download icon.

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clearlagg update aternos minecraft

8- After downloading the last updated version of this plugins we are going to go to the icon called options in the right bar. Inside the options section look for “Cracked“. If you are using a pirated version of Minecraft (like Tlauncher) this option must be enabled, otherwise leave it disabled as shown in the following image.

options cracked aternos

9- Now we will go back to the aternos home page and copy the server address which in my case is “” and click the Start button.

aternos conecction minecraft

If the server does not start all you have to do is hit the reload page button of your browser.

10- Now you must enter your Minecraft and of course in Launcher you must enter the same version for which you configured Aternos. Inside Minecraft, we will open the “Multiplayer” option and then click on the “Add Server” button. In “Server Address” you need to enter the Aternos server name that we copied in previous steps.

server minecraft aternos

A new server with the Aternos logo will be created and you must click on the “Join Server” button.

join server minecraft

11- The lag problems in aternos with this configuration will be solved, but if you still continue with this type of lag problems, once inside your world and you are already playing you must enter the following commands in this order:

  • /lagg
  • /lagg clear
  • /lagg unload chunks
  • /lagg gc

 command for aternos minecraft

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