How to remove blocks in Minecraft with commands?


Do you want to build something in a world that is not flat? Is it full of mountains that don’t let you build? Are you tired of removing block by block to clear/destroy the terrain?

We have the solution to your problem, we are going to teach you how to flatten terrain and remove blocks using the /fill command. With this command we can remove an entire mountain or make giant walls.

1- The first thing to do is to open the command bar in Minecraft, just press the “T” key on your keyboard, in some versions it may be the “C” key, or “Enter”. Then the chat bar of the game will open at the bottom of the interface, where you will have to type the commands that we will give you here.

2- We will stand in front of the first block we want to delete with the pointer over it, in the command bar we must write the following “/fill” and you will see that the chat itself will show you the coordinates of that block because it tries to autocomplete it automatically. Copy the three coordinates of that first block.

command /fill

3- Now you must go to the final block that you want to eliminate, you place yourself on this block pointing it with the pointer and enter in the command bar the word “/fill” followed by the coordinates of the first block of step 2, leave a space and it will autocomplete with the coordinates of this last block. If what you want is to remove the entire area, followed by the coordinates enter the word “air” press enter and the entire area will be removed.

command /fill air

Now you have eliminated a whole area of blocks, but if you want to build a wall instead of using the word “air” at the end, enter the name of a block. Repeat steps one to three but replace the word “air” with the name of the block we want to add.

stone command fill

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