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How to put texture in Minecraft [Install packages]

How to put texture in Minecraft

Tired of the standard Minecraft look? Learn how to texture Minecraft and completely modify the appearance of the game.

In Minecraft, the creativity of the players is not limited only to the incredible buildings and worlds created within the game. It is also possible to fully customize the appearance of the game, without losing the characteristic appearance of the blocks. Learn how they work and how to put texture in Minecraft.

how to install texture minecraft


What are textures?

Texture packs are image files that completely enhance or alter the look of Minecraft. All editions of the game support texture packs, which can be created by both Mojang and the community.

The standard format for a texture is 16 × 16 pixels (referring to the standard height and width of the blocks). Larger formats (such as 32×32, 64×64, etc.) are considered high definition (HD) and require the installation of an unofficial modification to work.

Texture packs are usually associated with a particular version of the game. A texture from an older version can be added to a newer version, but it may cause compatibility issues or crashes.


How to put texture in Minecraft?

Installing texture packs in Minecraft is a simple process, but it changes depending on the platform used. In the version for Windows 10 and on consoles, the textures are available on the official game market.

In this article, we will show you how to put textures in Minecraft Java version for PC, in addition to indicating some packages that we tested and liked.

1.Open Minecraft and go to the main menu;
2.Click on “Options”, then on “Resource Pack”;
3.Click “Open Package Folder”; the folder where the packages are installed will open;
4.Copy the .zip file to the folder. Do not unzip the file!
5. Go back to Minecraft and in a few seconds, the package will appear in the “Available” list. If it does not appear, click “Done” and then “Resource Pack” again.


You can install more than one package at the same time. To activate a texture pack, still on the resource pack selection screen, click on it in the “Available” list and the pack will move to the “Selected” list.

Not all packages change the whole game. Some only change the textures of the blocks, while others change everything, even the main menu. If you activate more than one package at the same time, make sure they are compatible.

There are numerous texture packs for Minecraft.


It gives a more “polished” look to the blocks, without losing the characteristic look of the game.

fidelity image


Makes the standard texture of the game more realistic.

clarity texture pack


Transform Minecraft blocks into Lego blocks.

Transform Minecraft blocks into Lego blocks.

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