the end portal how to make

How to make THE END portal in Minecraft?

How to make THE END portal in Minecraft?

Learn quickly how to make the END portal in Minecraft, in Survival and Creative mode to be able to access The End and enjoy the end of the game

To access the end of the game in the adventure, it is necessary to enter the Portal do Fim, which is usually found in specific places and can only occur in some aspects. Learn how to make the END Portal in Minecraft and other tips.

how to make the end portal

What is THE END portal?

The END portal is nothing more than the passage to The End, a parallel dimension within the world of Minecraft, which gives access to the end of the game, where you will have the battle against the Ender Dragon.

The portal is the only way to access The End, and once crossed, the portal does not allow a return by the player, unless the player character dies or defeats the dragon.

How to make the final portal in Minecraft?

Now the complicated part begins, since it is not possible to make the END portal in Minecraft Survival mode, you can only do the portal in Creative mode. This is due to the challenge of finding the portal itself.

To better explain it, it is the final portal, within Survival, which is located within Strongholds, which in turn are structures that are difficult to find and overcome, since they are several rooms, with numerous enemies and traps.

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the end portal

When in a fortress, the END portal is made up of a green block structure, on top of a pedestal. It is also necessary to have 12 Enderman Eyes so that you can activate the portal and cross.

It is important to remember that the Eyes of Enderman are obtained when we defeat the creatures known as Enderman, which are normally found when the game gets dark.

In creative

In creative mode, there is a recipe to make the Portal do Fim. The player must choose the following ingredients:

  • 12 final portal blocks
  • 12 Enderman eyes

Then it is necessary to place the blocks and the eyes inside the blocks in a ratio of 3 × 3 squares, in the exact format suggested by the image below:

the end portal how to make

The portal will be activated and the player will be able to access The End even in creative mode. It is worth remembering that while idle, the portal does not have any intermediate fill. When active, blocks of darkness appear to confirm that the move at the end is viable.

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