How to make Nether Portals and link them?

Making Nether Portals and linking them together

Minecraft How To Link Up Nether Portals. link portals

In this article we will teach you two important things. The first one: we will show you how to make portals to the Nether or also called Underworld, which would be hell but in Minecraft. The second: we will show you how to link the Nether portals together.

Each block you cross in the Underworld is 8 blocks traveled in reality, so building portals and linking them is very useful to travel long distances very quickly.

If you link villages or like biomes with resources, you can return from one place to another without having to waste so much time and being safe from hostile creatures.

How to make Nether Portals?

If you already know how the portals are made and you just want to know how to link them, go to the next subtitle of this article, but you don’t know how to build the portals, you will need a minimum of 10 obsidian blocks.

First step: With the obsidian blocks you have to make a rectangular figure with a size of 4×5 blocks. The final figure will be like a kind of rectangle standing upright.

make nether portals and link them

Corners are not necessary on the Nether portals, and you can leave them off if you want to save obsidian.

Second step: After you have built the Nether portal structure you need to light it and for that you need something that produces fire.

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We recommend a lighter, but you can use any source that produces fire. Lighters are built with an iron ingot and a flint.

how to make a lighter in minecraft?

The lighter must be used on the inner side of the portal to activate it, the portal will open and you will be able to travel to the Nether.

Link Nether portals to each other

To link portals to the Nether with each other, you must follow the following steps:

1- First we create a portal to the Nether which for this example we will call portal A. We will cross through this portal to the Nether. We will cross through this portal to the Nether, the portal which we have just crossed to the Nether we will call portal 1.

2- Now we will go back through the same portal, back home, and create another portal to the nether wherever we want. This newly created portal to the Nether, we should not cross it, instead we write down the coordinates. This is done by pressing the F3 button (the coordinates are called XYZ).

The numbers of the X coordinates and the Z coordinates will be divided by 8, because in the Nether, each block that we cross is like 8 blocks in the normal world.

3- The next step is to cross to the Nether through the portal that we call portal A and cross to what would be portal 1 (the one that is located in the Nether), here in the Nether we must build a portal in the coordinates resulting from the division, build a portal there and turn it on. If you get decimals, you have to round it and it doesn’t have to be an exact coordinate, but it must be very close.

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4- We will cross that portal and the process will be ready. Portal A will be linked to 1 and portal B will be linked to portal 2.

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