How to make map markers in minecraft bedrock (without mods)?

How to make map markers in Minecraft bedrock (without mods)?

map markers minecraft bedrock

To make minecraft map markers it is necessary to know a little more about this excellent game that fills the downloads of users today. This application is an open world video game in which we can build and design fantastic environments and universes with mines.

This great tool was created by Markus Persson and developed by the company Mojang Studios. Its purpose is to build the cities and objects to be used through the exact placement of blocks and their destruction. Minecraft is ideal for making the world you dream of for your amusement.

How can I design minecraft map markers?

map markers minecraft bedrock

One of the most important feats is designing minecraft map markers. Once you have imbibed the theme of the game you will be able to take leaps and bounds in any aspect of relevance and especially mapping. To proceed with this action you should follow the steps below:

  • – The manufacture of the paper

For the elaboration of the maps it is necessary that you know that you will need paper, compass, cartography table and a lot of ingenuity. Regarding the paper, you must keep in mind that you will need a good amount of sugar cane. This tool grows very often near places that contain water.

Once nine sugar cane plants are collected, they will be arranged in groups of three and placed horizontally on the mapping table. With this action we will have nine sheets of paper to be used in the making of the maps.

  • – Making empty maps
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A map is empty when it does not show any type of marker. It is very useful for the player to have visualization of the large structures and the entire terrain. To make this type of map a good amount of paper is required to completely fill the mapping table.

If it is desired to place markers on the empty map, only a compass or an anvil should be used on the mapping table. When this task is done, minecraft map markers can be placed on it. The player’s ingenuity will be the key to the creation of maps.

  • – Making location maps

The main attraction of the maps is the marker. With such a tool will highlight all the players and is a guarantee of the sale of the map. For the exact location of the markers it is necessary to use a compass and for navigation: four iron ingots and a piece of Redstone powder.

Map markers: the best tool in minecraft

The fun of this game is immersive and especially the design of minecraft map markers. For this purpose, players must become experts in making maps for the location. In this way they will have to become the most outstanding minecraft game followers.

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