How to Make a 24/7 Minecraft Server Free?

To have your server Aternos connected permanently, twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week follow this tutorial, in which we will teach you how to do it through a Bot.

1- The first thing you must do is to open your internet browser and download the Bot called “AFK”, which will allow you to have our server active twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in the following button:

2- After downloading, open the folder called Afk and in it you will see a file called “config.json” in which you must right click and open with the Notepad program.

config.json aternos bot

3- With the file “config.json” opened in Notepad, we will have to modify the section called “ip” and also “port”. Where it says “ip”, we must change it for our ip address and where it says “port”, we must change it for ours. After modifying the file, save it in the same location.

server ip aternos

4– Now we will go to the official Aternos website, where you will have to open your server and then in the aternos menu go to the section called “Options” and activate the option called “Cracked”.

cracked aternos server

5- The next step is to go to an icon with the shape of a puzzle piece called “Plugins”. Inside Plugins we will have to introduce in the search bar the following: “GeyserMC”.

GeyserMC aternos plugins

We must install the plugin called GeyserMC, by clicking on the plugin name and then on the download icon in the section called Version,

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We must also install the plugin called “ViaVersion” and the plugin called “ViaBackwards”.

ViaVersion aternos plugin

Try to install the plugins in their latest available versions.

ViaBackwards plugin aternos

6- Now we must go to the Github website, which you can access in the following button:

Inside Github we must create a new repository, clicking on the “New” button.

new GitHub repositore

Name it as you wish in where it says “Repository name”, after having clicked on “New” and to finish you must press the button “Create repository”. With the repository already created, you must click where it says “uploading an existing file”.

uploading an existing file aternos

Then we will browse and click on “choose your files”, select all the files from the “Afk” folder that we have previously downloaded to our computer and upload them to Git Hub.

load afk archives aternos

After you have uploaded all the files from your computer to Git Hub, you must save this repository by clicking the “Commit changes” button.

commit changes github

7- The next step is to access the HEROKU website, which you can do by clicking on the following button:

heroku site

Once inside Heroku, log in with your usual email and here we are going to create a new app, by clicking on the “New” button. Create the new app, after naming it by clicking on the “Create app” button.

create new app heroku

Look for a section called “Deployment method” and click on the option called “GitHub”.

deyploment method

It will give us the option to connect to Github for it we must copy and paste the link of our github in “search for a repository to connect to”. After copying the github link click on connect.

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search for a repository to connect to github

Then you must activate the “deploy branch” option by clicking on it.

search for a repository to connect to

Then go to “Resources” and activate two options “web nom start” and “worker node index.js”.

resources heroku and github

8- Now you must return to aternos and start your server in the “Server” section by clicking on the “Start” button.

Now we can have our server connected all day, every day.

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