enchantment table minecraft

How to make an enchantment table in Minecraft?

How to make an enchantment table in Minecraft?

In this article you will learn everything you need to build an enchantment table in Minecraft and you will also know how to differentiate it from an ordinary work table, also widely used in the game.

Minecraft allows you to create multiple tables and benches, for different tasks. The first thing that the user must create, usually, is the workbench, which is used to develop tools and other useful elements.

enchantment table minecraft

The enchantment table is different and comes later, for example, acting as a resource to modify weapons and armor, making them magical. The ideal is to know the correct order to assemble yours.

What is a workbench?

Workbench is the name given to the Minecraft workbench that is required to develop more complex objects.

In general, the workbench is used to create elements that cannot be created with the character’s hands alone.

Torches, for example, can be created only with your hands and the necessary elements. A Beast, the weapon that shoots darts, requires the workbench.

To create the bench, it is very simple: you only need four boards of any wood.

Wood, in turn, is obtained from trees.


The table of enchantment

The enchantment table is totally different from the workbench, starting with its creation. To create one, the player needs the following items:

1-A book;
2-Two diamonds;
3-Four obsidians.

These items are not as easily accessible. Obsidians are made by mixing lava and water. Diamonds are mined in nature, even though they are rare. Books can be looted in cities or created with three papers and a hide. You must have all items on hand.

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how to create a enchantment table minecraft

With these elements, create the enchantment table and leave it where you want.

The enchantment table feeds weapons, armor, and equipment, giving these items various magical properties. A sword, for example, can last a long time. A pickaxe can collect more items when mining.

Other tables

  • Minecraft also has other tables, several, always with unique objectives.
  • The Blacksmith Bank creates weapons and armor with unique items and is found in villages;
  • The cartography bank generates or modifies maps to find treasures;
  • The archery bench, as its name implies, creates and modifies weapons of this type.
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