How to make addons for Minecraft Bedrock?

How to make mods or addons for Minecraft Bedrock? Free App

how to make addons addons maker

In this article we bring you a free program to create mods or addons in Minecraft Pocket Edition very easily and from your mobile device.

The program is called AddOns Maker, it is completely free and if you want to download it, follow the button below to download it from google play on your mobile phone:

With this program to create mods, you can make your own swords, make food mods, modify the blocks and modify other elements of Minecraft, such as biomes.

How to use AddOns Maker and create your own mods for Minecraft bedrock?

After downloading the program in the download button that we leave above you must enter the Addons Maker application and press the + button.

how to make a mod in minecraft pe with addon maker

You will be presented with a new screen where you can create something from scratch, or modify other users’ creations to your liking. This is very beneficial as you can be inspired by other users’ creations to create new mobs, biomes or weapons.

create a addon minecraft pe minecraft

As an example, if you want to modify a mob, for example the “Wither Skeleton“, just search for it in the search bar, click on it and a screen will open with all the possible modifications.

whiter skeleton modify addon with addon maker

As you can see in the image above you can modify the name of the mob, the skin of the creature, its health points, its speed, even its size.

You can even assign it as a Final Boss and create your own final enemy like the ender dragon.

attack modify

You can also assign the mob an inventory, you can configure it to ride and use it as a means of transportation. You can also make it teleport, modify its weaknesses and increase its strengths, for example by making the mob take damage if it touches water.

behavior addon maker

You can modify its behavior so that it avoids other creatures, so that it is immune, so that the sun damages it, and you can even tame it if you wish.

Imagine being able to create a giant Alex and turn it into the final boss, or create a dragon and be able to ride it or build a pet that is immortal and also attacks your enemies.

Remember that you can do the same with the food and modify it as you wish, modifying the nutrition it gives you, the duration, the effects it produces and much more.

You can change the textures, colors of all objects such as weapons for example, the point of damage caused by the weapons and how the objects are made.

sword change

You can also give custom sounds to weapons and mobs.

After you have created the addon you want just save it, and with the import button, it will be automatically imported to your minecraft.

import to minecraft pe

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