Learn to make a torch in Minecraft

How to make a torch in Minecraft?


How to make a torch in Minecraft?


Learn to make a torch in Minecraft; it is a simple task, but can easily be overlooked. This item will help you defend yourself against creatures.

The torch is one of the most basic elements of the Minecraft world, which has been around almost since the game was created. Making a torch in the game is not complicated. In fact, it is one of the first elements that you must create, since they serve to illuminate caves and also to scare away monsters that appear at nightfall.

Learn to make a torch in Minecraft

As in the real world, the torch is a small piece of wood with a burning tip. However, the fire never goes out, not even when it rains. It only shuts down or breaks if the place contains running water or if the player himself breaks it manually.

What is the torch for?

In Minecraft, torches can be placed on the walls or on the floor, they can never be placed on the ceiling. With them it is possible to illuminate a place with up to 14 blocks of scope and also melt ice, if you are near blocks of snow or ice.

The most important use of the torch, however, is to scare off monsters.

As night falls in Minecraft, creatures appear: zombies, creepers, skeletons, spiders, etc. However, if the place is very well lit and with several torches, the chances of these monsters appearing, even at night, decrease considerably. Enemies cannot destroy torches unless they explode, like the Creeper.

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How to make a torch in Minecraft?

The process of making a torch in Minecraft requires two elements: charcoal and firewood. Charcoal is obtained from rocks with black dots and sticks fall from trees or are created from wooden boards of any color. It is not necessary to have a workbench, the torch can be made in the common creation window.

how to make a torch minecraft

Add a charcoal with a stick and the game will create four torches in total. The more copies you have of the ingredients, the more torches will be created, obviously.

It is possible to create special torches, mixing other elements. A torch combined with red stone, for example, creates an energized torch; a torch plus chlorides of any color, creates a colorful version; When we combine the torch with a pumpkin, the result is the Halloween pumpkin, lit from the inside.

As always, in Minecraft, try different combinations, until you see where you can go or discover new recipes.

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