How to make a TNT golem?

Extra Golems mod adds huge amount of new golems to protect your villages. If you’ve ever wanted to expand the range and types of these delicate protectors, this mod will do just that. Plus you now have a way to summon them into the world for you rather than being limited to their respective villages. They can be crafted from almost any block, and they all have different strengths, abilities, and damage. All you need is a Golem Spell created by combining a feather, redstone dust, a bag of ink, and a piece of paper in a crafting grid. And then combine that spell with a pumpkin to create the golem’s head. This enchanted head is the key to bringing them to life in a way much like Frosty the snowman with his top hat!

How to make diamond golem in minecraft?

Minecraft has a long list of Mobs but the Diamond Golem is not part of it. Yes, the Diamond Golem is not part of the Base game. Rather it is a refurbished Iron Golem that looks like a Golem made of diamonds. As it stands, the Iron Golem and Snow Golem are the only Golems that exist in Minecraft. Don’t be sad because you can still get the Diamond Golem but you will have to use a Mod.

Why Minecraft Iron Golem doesn’t spawn?

As with many other mobs, there are a few conditions that must be met before iron golems will autospawn. This is especially true if you are trying to get them to spawn on a farm.

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  • Diamond Golem (220 health, 20 attacks)
  • Emerald Golem (190 health, 18 attacks)
  • Golden Golem (80 health, 8 attack, knockback resistance)
  • Lapis Lazuli Golem (50 health, 6 attack, grants target entities a negative potion effect)
  • Golem sandstone (15 health , 4 attack)
  • Wool Golem (10 health, 1 attack, right click to change color)
  • Hardened Clay Golem (22 health, 4 attack)
  • Obsidian Golem (120 health, 18 attack)
  • Librarian (Library) Golem (28 health, 4 attack, grants himself a beneficial potion effect)
  • Glass Golem (8 health, 14 attack)
  • Log Golem (20 health, 3 attacks, right click to change texture)
  • Clay Golem (20 health, 2 attack) (tixagb_ 14)
  • Straw Golem (Hay Bale) (10 health, 1 attack)
  • Nether Brick Golem (25 health, 7 attack, set fire to entity)
  • Lightstone Golem (8) health, 12 attack, glows in V1.15+)
  • Endstone Golem (50 health, 7 attack, teleport ability)
  • Packed Ice Golem (18 health, 7 attack, walks on water and lava by cooling/freezing blocks)
  • Nether Quartz Golem (85 health, 8.5 attack)
  • TNT Golem ( 14 health, 2.5 attack, explodes when set on fire, killed, and sometimes while attacking)
  • Sponge Golem (20 health, 2 attack, absorbs water)
  • Leaf Golem (6 health, 0.5 attack, Regeneration I)
  • Melon Golem (18 health, 1.5 attack, occasionally plants flowers)
  • Coal Block Golem (1 4 health, 2.5 attack, can inflict blindness I)
  • Bedrock Golem (999 health, 32 attack, indestructible. Spawn and despawn using item)
    • Spawn item Bedrock Golem (Creative mode only): Use to spawn a Bedrock Golem. Use it on an existing Bedrock Golem to remove it.
  • Slimy (Slime Block) Golem (20 health, 2.5 attack, massive knockback attack)
  • Prismarine Golem (24 health, 8 attack)
  • Red Sandstone Golem (15 health, 4 attack)
  • Mushroom Block Golem (30 health, 3 attack, occasionally plants mushrooms, right click to change texture)
  • Sea Lantern Golem (26 health, 4 attack, lights up nearby area)
  • Redstone Golem (2 attack, 18 health, emits redstone power)
  • Stained Clay Golem (3 attack, 26 health, right click to change color)
  • Stained Glass Golem (12 attacks, 9 health, right click to change color)
  • Crafting (Workbench) Golem (2 attacks, 26 health, right click to open the GUI creation)
  • Bone Golem (6.5 attack, 78 health)
  • Magma Golem (4.5 att acco, 22 health, lights up mobs on fir tree and, glows dimly, slowly melts cobblestone)
  • Nether Wart Golem (1.5 attack, 22 health, plants hell wart when on soul sand )
  • Spawn Bedrock Golem object (Creative mode only): use to spawn a Bedrock Golem. Use it on an existing Bedrock Golem to remove it.
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Where to find pumpkins

Pumpkins can spawn on grass blocks in almost all biomes. However, the area must be clear of obstacles, including blocks of grass and flowers. In each piece, there is just over a 3% chance that pumpkins will spawn. Additionally, pumpkins can also spawn in Woodland Mansions and Pillager Outposts. Also, in Taiga and Snowy Taiga villages, pumpkins will appear instead of hay bales.

To create a carved pumpkin, you will need to use shears on a pumpkin that has been placed. This will cause a ghostly smiley to appear on your pumpkin and give you pumpkin seeds.

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