How to make a SOUL FIRE in Minecraft?

Soul fires in Minecraft

Bonfires in Minecraft, also known as soul fires, can serve several purposes. The two main uses are cooking and smoke signals. Smoke can be a great way to mark areas or communicate locations.

soul fire minecraft 2021

They also serve more basic purposes, such as emitting light, much like a torch. Whatever the purpose, bonfires are probably something players need in their game, and fortunately, they’re not hard to make.

How do you make a bonfire in Minecraft?

Making bonfires in Minecraft is pretty simple in terms of the ingredients needed.

Both the soul fire and the normal fire have most of the same materials. They are 3 sticks and 3 logs of any kind. These can be cut logs, wood, hyphae, etc.

soul sand minecraft 2021

The difference between the two types of bonfire is the central ingredient. In a normal bonfire, the main ingredient is charcoal or activated charcoal. The main ingredient of the soul fire is soul sand or soul soil.

Using soul sand or soul clay to make soul fire does not change the way the fire works. However, the normal color of the fire changes to a cyan blue.

There are some aesthetic differences when the fire in Minecraft is changed to cyan blue.The light from the fire is not as bright as the normal fire in Minecraft. Embers can also come from the flames of a campfire, but they are not visible in a cyan blue fire.

soul campire how to make

Conveniently, you can cook with a campfire just like with an oven.

On a campfire you can cook 4 objects at the same time, which takes up to 30 seconds. 30 seconds is a long time compared to 10 seconds for an oven or 5 seconds for a smoker, but 4 simultaneous items is a good excuse to use a bonfire.

A particular item in Minecraft that can technically be heated or cooked can only be made in the Soul Fire.

Players will inevitably receive extra soul sand when obtaining materials for a soul fire. With the extra sand, players can use the Soul Fire to heat the soul sand and make soul soil. Igniting the soul fire will also provide soul soil.

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