map in minecraft

How to make a map in Minecraft ?

Learn to make a map in Minecraft

It is very important to have a map in Minecraft and to know how to make a map in Minecraft, it will be very useful so you don’t get lost. In this article we will teach you how to create a map in Minecraft.

The game map is an element that is used to record and later visualize the land explored by the player. For all these reasons, it is very useful to know how to make a map in Minecraft. Note that you can find ready-made maps in shipwreck and fortress libraries.

How to make a map in Minecraft?

  • They can be found in some places in the game such as: Shipwrecks and Fortresses.
  • It is made with 8 papers + 1 compass (PC / Mac; Xbox; PS)

how to make a map in minecraft

  • Made with 9 papers (Pocket Edition; Windows 10)

How to use the map?

1-Make a blank map;
2-Take your hand;
3-Register your location (PS hold “L2”; Xbox hold “LT”; PE press “create a map”; in other versions just right-click);
4-Look directly at the map;
5-Look where you are;
6-Explore the surroundings


  • The map records the world as it is, if there are changes, a new record must be made to update it;
  • Other players only appear on the map if they have a copy of the same map you are using;
  • Maps made in Nether and End will be gray and red, they only serve to indicate your position in relation to the place where the map was created;
  • They will only be full size if they are held by the dominant hand and with both hands free.
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Can we guide you?

Maps will help you a lot on long explorations. If you are an explorer, a map is essential in Minecraft.

With a map, it will be easier to return to the place you were exploring, or to return to the starting point. In case you are in the Nether and don’t want to miss the point of return, my suggestion is to make the map as soon as you cross the portal.

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