how to do paper in minecraft

How to make a book in Minecraft


If you play the fascinating and fun world of Minecraft and want to know how you can make your own book for magical enchantments or to store them, read the following article carefully.

Crafting or realization is an easy matter. You will only have to follow the recommendations below and you will be able to assemble a great bookstore in no time.

Guidelines for creating a book in Minecraft

Follow this guide step by step to create a book in Minecraft which is a simple task as long as you have fundamental ingredients such as leather and paper.

Step 1: Sugar Cane

how to do a book for in minecraft

Start by finding the sugar cane, it is one of the most important ingredients for building your own library but also one of the most difficult to find. How to get sugar cane in Minecraft? Search the worlds where there is a coast and you will find it near the water. When you find it, try to break it with your hands or with a tool.

Step 2: Create a farm

Once you have obtained the sugar cane and have it in your hands, you must plant it on a farm. You can only plant the sugarcane in grass, dirt, sand, and mulch. The use of water is essential to make the plant grow, obtaining paper in the process.

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Step 3: How to make paper in Minecraft?

how to do paper in minecraft

The minimum you need to make a book is three sheets of paper, which you can get with three sugar canes. This step consists of filling a row on the manufacturing table with the three reeds and then obtaining the desired paper.

Step 4: How to get leather for the book in Minecraft?

leather in minecraft.png

Without leather you won’t be able to create your own book in Minecraft. To get it easier from the cow you can attract it with wheat. You can also get it from a horse, but hunting a horse is more complicated because they are in the savannah but you could try. Hunting an animal guarantees you two pieces of leather and to make a book you will only need one.

Step 5: how to use paper and leather to create the book?

how to use paper and leather to create the book

You will join on the construction table the paper obtained from the sugar cane and the leather from hunting cows or horses. Specifically, you must combine three sheets of paper and one piece of leather. In this way, you start the process of making a book in Minecraft.

What are books for in Minecraft?

Books in Minecraft have various functions, but their main function is to write enchantments. An enchanted book is highly valued by Minecraft players, who can use it whenever they want or need. Save them and collect as many as you can to build your own library.


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