How to heal in Minecraft?

Si le fait de ne pas pouvoir dormir pendant la journée est une chose, les lits sont beaucoup plus dangereux une fois qu’ils ont quitté le monde normal. As I attempted to use an area in the dimensions of the Nether and the End, it exploded, engulfed the blocks and environmental entities. Mais pourquoi est-ce le cas? Les créatures du Nether et du End obéissent-elles à des lois de la nature différentes? O bien le concept du temps in these dimensions déform-t-il violemment the objects used to sleep?

Cela mean-t-il que les créatures organiques du Nether, comme les piglins, pouvent rester éveillées éternellement ? Franchement, le lits explosifs soulèvent beaucoup plus de questions que de réponses dans Minecraft.

Here’s how to heal Iron Golem’s health in Minecraft

If you’ve ever quietly enjoyed the peace and quiet of your newly built village only to be bombarded at night by spiders and creepers , then what you need to protect your village is an Iron Golem. Before we delve into how to cure any of these mobs, let’s talk about what they are.

An Iron Golem is one of many utility mobs in Minecraft and they are in the game to defend the players who create them and the villagers. They are very large mobs made of stone and are incredibly strong.

How to make Sparkling Melon

Sparkling Melon requires you to collect 1 melon and you also need to make 8 gold nuggets.

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Making Gold Nuggets: This requires you to create the gold bar first, which can be done by mining gold ore and then using a furnace. You can get more details about the gold bar by visiting this article. 1 gold bar will give you 9 gold nuggets when you place it on the crafting table as shown below:

How to make a healing potion

Approach your beer stand and interact with it. Make sure you have enough water bottles on hand to hold the healing potions. Now you can create the potion:

  1. Open the beer stall.
  2. Put some Blaze Powder in the leftmost slot.
  3. Put three bottles of water in the bottom three slots.
  4. Place a Nether Wart in the top slot to get Awkward Potions.
  5. After the Nether Wart has disappeared, replace it with a Glistening Melon.
  6. Once the glittering melon disappears, you will get three potions of healing.


Cookies are a food that can be used on a parrot, but you should never feed your Minecraft parrot a cookie.

A cookie in both versions of Minecraft (Java and Bedrock Editions) will instantly kill the parrot or inflict deadly poison on it. This is a reference to the fact that parrots are actually allergic to chocolate in real life.

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