How to get infinite diamonds in Minecraft

How to get infinite diamonds in Minecraft

diamonds minecraft

During your adventures in Minecraft, you came across a particular resource: diamonds. Thanks to this material, you managed to create very durable equipment compared to what you had before. Unfortunately, however, it is not easy for you to find these precious stones in large quantities and, therefore, you are trying to figure out how to have infinite diamonds in Minecraft.

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then you’ll be happy to know that you’ve come to the right place at the right time. In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you in detail how to get unlimited diamonds in Minecraft thanks to some tricks that will only require a few minutes of your free time to be put into practice.

diamonds minecraft

You can’t wait to get started, can you? Then let’s roll up our sleeves immediately! Sit comfortably, pay attention to all the tips I’m going to give you in the next chapters and try to put them into practice to achieve the desired goal.

If you want to know how to get infinite diamonds in Minecraft, you should know that this is only possible by using some cheats, installing special mods or taking advantage of glitches in the game. In any case, there is no legitimate method, such as a bonus or an enchantment, that will allow you to achieve this goal.

Diamonds are a useful resource for creating unique items and also as a bargaining chip for NPCs (non-player characters): by digging underground, you can find these minerals, albeit in small quantities and at the cost of a lot of time. Surely, with a lot of patience, you could collect them but I don’t think you have the time.

If, therefore, this operation should be too long and tedious for you, in this guide you will find explained in detail how to get unlimited diamonds in Minecraft using some very easy to implement. which ones? Read on and you will find out.

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How to get infinite diamonds in Minecraft

In order to have a lot of diamonds in Minecraft and not have to worry, from time to time, to dig and search through the various resources scattered in the underground of the game world, you can use one of the methods listed in the following chapters.

Creative Mode

Minecraft’s Creative Mode gives you unlimited access to any resource available in the game, without having to worry about having to search for it or create it. If you have already created a world in Creative Mode, you know for a fact that diamonds are already unlimited and that you can get them by simply opening your inventory.

If you are playing a session in Survival Mode or Extreme Mode, you will need to use the command console to convert your current game mode to Creative Mode.

That said, open the in-game chat and type the command /gamemode creative, to switch to creative mode. At this point, all you have to do is open your inventory, take all the diamonds you need and go back to the previous game mode by typing the command /gamemode survival. Easy, isn’t it?

Give the order

Another way to get all the diamonds you want is to use the /give command. With the /give command, you can add the desired amount of diamonds to your avatar’s inventory without having to change the game mode from Survival to Creative.

Therefore, after enabling the command console, open the chat and type the command /give @p minecraft:diamond \ [amount] to get as many diamonds as you want. Instead of [amount], enter the value of the diamonds you want to add to the avatar’s inventory.

I remind you that diamond blocks are made up of 64 units of this resource and each of them occupies one inventory slot. Therefore, do not exaggerate with the number you have to enter in the command, as you can get as many diamonds as you need whenever you want by calling the /give command.

Mods to find diamonds

In addition to the solutions I have proposed in the previous chapters, you can also use the Advanced XRay mod, to see through the blocks of the Minecraft world to easily locate diamond mining veins.

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However, to download this mod, you must first install Minecraft Forge, a tool that allows you to manage add-ons in Minecraft Java Edition. You can download Minecraft Forge from the official website by clicking the Installer button in the box of the version compatible with your game client and the mod itself.

At this point, after downloading the .JAR file, double-click on it and then click the OK button to complete the installation of Forge. In case of problems, if you want to know more about how to download Minecraft Forge, you can refer to this guide of mine dedicated to the subject.

Then proceed to download the mod by connecting to the website and clicking the download button at the top. Once the download is complete, navigate to the Minecraft installation directory in the path C:\Users [username]application data.minecraft on Windows and ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft on macOS.

Next, locate the mods folder and place the .JAR file of the Advanced XRay mod you previously downloaded. If you cannot find the folder, you can create it manually. Now, start the Minecraft client, click on the ▼ icon next to the Play button and choose the Forge profile. Then press the Play button and you can start playing Minecraft with mods support.

Once you have entered a game session, all you have to do is press the buttons indicated on the Advanced XRay mod description page to activate the Advanced XRay mod menu and choose the Diamond in the Rough as the resource to highlight.


One last method you can put into practice is the use of glitches. Don’t know what a glitch is? It is a programming error that allows a player to take a certain advantage. In Minecraft, as new versions of the game are released periodically, new glitches can appear that allow you to duplicate objects.

As you can easily guess, there is no stable and durable method for performing object cloning, which, in this case, would guarantee an infinite amount of diamonds. This is because, just as glitches occur in later versions of Minecraft, fixes are also added that block them.

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