How to get all the Music Discs in Minecraft ?

How many music discs are there in Minecraft?

minecrafr 16 music disc

Currently in Minecraft there are 15 music discs that can be added to a Jukebox to play their tunes. The composer of the melodies of the Minecraft discs is Daniel Rosenfeld, known by his nickname, C418.

Since the first versions, i.e. the Alpha versions, several discs have been added, which play from cheerful and pleasant songs to dark and terrifying songs.

All Minecraft music discs and how to obtain them

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The 15 Minecraft discs have the following names:


The first disc is simply called 13 and has the following characteristics:

  • Song Length: 2 minutes 58 seconds.
  • Redstone Output Power: 1
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_13
  • Numeric ID: 500


The second disc is named cat and has the following characteristics:

  • Tune Length: 3 minutes 5 seconds.
  • Redstone Output Power: 2
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_cat
  • Numerical ID: 501


The third disc is named blocks and has the following characteristics:

  • Length: 5 minutes 45 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 3
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_blocks
  • Numeric ID: 502


The fourth disc is named chirp and has the following characteristics:

  • Track Length : 3 minutes 5 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 4
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_chirp
  • Numerical ID: 503


The fifth disc is named “far away” and has the following characteristics:

  • Length: 2 minutes 54 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 5
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_far
  • Numerical ID: 504
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Shopping mall

The sixth disc is named “mall” and has the following characteristics:

  • Length: 3 minutes 17 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 6
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_mall
  • Numeric ID: 505


The seventh record is called mellohi

  • Length of melody: 1 minute 36 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 7
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_mellohi
  • Numeric ID: 506


  • Track length: 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 8
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_stal
  • Numerical ID: 507


The ninth minecraft disc is called strad:

  • Song length: 3 minutes 08 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 9
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_strad
  • numeric ID: 508


The tenth disc is called ROOM:

  • Length: 4 minutes 11 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 10
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_ward
  • Numeric ID: 509


Disc number 11, has the same name simply 11 and has the following characteristics:

  • Tune Length: 1 minute 11 seconds.
  • Redstone Output Power: 11
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_11
  • Numerical ID: 510

Wait for

Disc number 12  has the following characteristics

  • Song length: 3 minutes 58 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 12
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_wait
  • Numeric ID: 511


Disc number 13, known as the Pigstep disc, has the following characteristics:

  • Length: 2 minutes 28 seconds
  • Redstone Output Power: 13 (15 in Bedrock)
  • Namespace ID: music_disc_pigstep
  • Numeric ID: 759

How to get the music discs?

Minecraft music discs cannot be created by players and there are two ways to get them, in both methods any of the available discs can appear randomly.

1-The first way to get the discs is by searching in dungeon chests or abandoned mines located underground, but only with 8% chance of finding them.

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2- The second way is to make a skeleton kill a Creeper by the impact of an arrow, this method has a 100% chance of working.

In a nutshell the second method is to get a skeleton by its own arrows to kill a creeper.

To make things easier, you can hit a Creeper several times with a weak sword to reduce its health. To lure a skeleton, walk near one and then position yourself so that the skeleton has to shoot the Creeper instead of you.

How to listen to music discs in minecraft ?

To listen to these records, we will need to have a record player, and press the right mouse button on the record player, while holding a music record in the hands of our character. At the moment there are twelve musical records, plus one broken record, which cannot be listened to.

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