How to fix Connection timed out: no further information ?

Fix : Connection timed out: no further information

This time we will show you two methods to solve the error in Minecraft Connection timed out: no further information. The first method consists in changing the DNS and the second one in modifying the JAVA configuration.

How to fix Connection timed out: no further information

Steps to fix the error : Connection timed out: no further information

First method:

1- If you have Windows, the first thing you should do to fix this error in Minecraft is to go to the search bar or use the keyboard shortcut Win + R and type Control Panel to enter it. Once inside the Control Panel, you must find and enter “Network and Internet“.

control panel to fix minecraft error Connection timed out no further information minecraft

2- Click on Network and Sharing Center, and then under connection you should click on Wi-Fi.

ConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information Minecraft

3- Once here you must enter Properties and then Internet Protocol Version and you must change the DNS as shown in the image below:

change internet configuration in minecraft

After changing the DNS, Preferred: and Alternate: click ok and close the control panel.

4- Done just login to Minecraft and start playing. This solution is the one that works for most of the users but, if this solution didn’t work, feel free to try the second solution.

Second method:

1- Enter again to Control Panel and then to “All Control Panel Items“, there you must look for and click on Java.

fix  java error solution minecraft

2- Once inside Java, click the Update tab and then click the Update Now button again.

update java to minecraft

3- Now go to the Advanced tab, and look for the Advanced Security Settings section. All the boxes should be checked as shown in the following image:

fix Advanced Security Settings

4- Click Ok, close the Control panel and log back into Minecraft to be able to play.

If all this does not work check that your Firewall is not blocking Minecraft and just hit allow.

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