How to fix Exit Code 1 Error in Minecraft? (Exit Code -1)

Fixed Exit Code 1 Error in Minecraft – (Exit Code -1)

exit code 1 minecraft

In this article we will show you how to solve the problem Exit Code 1 or Exit Code -1.

exit code -1 minecraft

1- The first thing to do is to open the RUN program in Windows, to do this we use the keyboard shortcut Win + R and type the following “%AppData%“, without quotation marks, as shown in the following image:

RUN Windows appdata to minecraft

2- A new folder will open in which you will have to look for and eliminate the folder named “.minecraft” or in other cases if you do not have this folder you will have to eliminate the folder “.tlauncher”. After deleting the folder, close this window.

tlauncher minecraft folder exit code 1 error fix

3- The third step consists of going to the Control Panel of Windows and to look for the option that allows us to uninstall programs (Programs > Programs and Features). Here we will have to delete Java and then to install it again.

We will uninstall Java, because it is very probable that you have an outdated or incorrect Java for the version of Windows that you have, you will have to uninstall absolutely everything that says JAVA and then restart the computer.

java fix exit code 1

4- After uninstalling JAVA, we will install it again, for it we will go to the Official page of Java and we will install it from there. To access click on the following button:

Before downloading Java we must know if we are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. If you don’t know which one you have follow these steps:

a) Start > Settings > System > About .

b) In Device Specifications > System Type, check if you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.

Usually all modern computers have 64-bit versions, so you should download the “Windows Offline (64-bit)” option.

windows download java 64 bits

5- Once you have downloaded the Java file, for your operating system version, you must double click on the downloaded file and follow the steps indicated by the installer so that you can install Java correctly.

Exit Code 1 java installation for minecraft

6- Now we will repeat step number 1 is to open the RUN program in Windows, we use the keyboard shortcut Win + R and write the following “%AppData%“.

In the folder that will open we must paste the file that I will leave below containing the file “.minecraft” in all versions. This file contains the “.minecraft” folder without errors for all versions, in case your folder is corrupted on your computer.

The file is in ZIP format, so you must extract it before copying everything to the folder. Another important fact is that this folder is updatable so you will have no problem installing newer versions of Minecraft.

.minecraft folder fix java exit code 0 error

7- Ready from now on you can return to play Minecraft normally. When you open the Minecraft Launcher, you must right click and choose the option Open With and then Java (TM) Platform.

open with

If an error occurs and the Launcher does not open, it is because you did not follow step 3 correctly and did not delete all JAVA versions, which creates a compatibility problem.


  • If you have a 32-bit operating system or have 4GB of RAM or less, disable the JVM arguments, otherwise you will still get the EXIT CODE 1 problem or error.

 java jvm

  • If the problem instead occurred when installing a MOD, you must disable the last one you have downloaded and installed as there are mods that usually cause the problem.
  • If you have Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Windows XP, you need to install JAVA 7.
  • If you have recently formatted your computer, update the display adapter drivers and video drivers in the Device Manager section.
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