How to fix a Corrupted Chunk?

Fix a corrupted Chunk

corrupted chunk minecraft

The blocks that, together, form the surface of a Minecraft world are known among users as “chunk“. These chains of blocks can suffer from errors that hinder the development of the game. In these cases, learning how to fix a corrupted chunk will be the next step to continue playing.

Steps to fix a corrupt chunk

In order to successfully fix a corrupt chunk, you need to download MCA Selector. This application is designed to modify or remove chunks in your Minecraft world. Once you have the program installed, follow these steps:

  • – Write down the coordinates of the corrupted chunk.

Locate the damaged block and stand next to it to write down its coordinates correctly. Once you have this information, close the game.

  • – Open MCA Selector

You need to run MCA Selector using Java (Java is required to install the program). Once the application is open, in the upper left corner click on “File” and then “Open“.

Next, find the folder where the world to be modified is stored. Once inside the world file, select the “region” folder.

  • – Locate and delete the corrupted chunk

When you enter the “region” folder, a grid map of the world in question will appear. In the upper left corner, select “View” and then click “Goto“. A window will open in which you will enter the coordinates of the corrupted chunk (you may also need to locate it manually).

Once you have located the affected block, left-click on it to highlight it. Finally, look for “Selection” in the upper left corner and click “Delete selected chunks” – problem solved!

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When you delete the damaged chunk, the game will automatically regenerate it correctly automatically. Once you know how to fix a corrupted chunk and how easy it is, this will never be a problem again when playing the game.

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