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How to find villages in Minecraft ?

Ways to find villages in Minecraft (Four ways)

Exploring the world of Minecraft for many hours in search of villages, without finding what you are looking for can be an absurd danger, as well as being frustrating.

So in this guide you will discover four ways to find villages in Minecraft, with and without cheats. See how to do it below and everything you need to find the perfect havens.

First step: enable the necessary options to find villages

Before searching and finding villages in Minecraft, you will need to enable the appropriate options when creating a new world in survival mode.

find villages in minecraft

The first option to activate is Generate Structures. Without this activated, the villages will not exist, so of course you won’t find any!. The other option to activate is Allow Cheats. Although it is not necessary to use tricks to find towns, they will facilitate the whole process below.

As for the type of World, set it to “Standard“. Just keep in mind that there are a few biomes where villages are more likely to appear:


The plains are the biome in which the most villages appear, so the Extra Flat option in the World type can facilitate more plains to come. This means that the landscapes do not vary much, but it guarantees a greater chance of finding refuge.

With all of this in mind, see below for methods of finding towns.

First method: go to the Chunkbase website

On the Chunkbase page, you will find a powerful tool for finding towns, although it is not entirely accurate.

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village finder

If you have already created a world or downloaded one already created, the most recommended is to use the Seed number. For the Java version of the PC, you can use the / seed command in the chat console to know the number of the world you are playing in. Write it!

If you can’t use this command, after creating the world, go back to the main menu. Select your game, click “Redo”, click “More options in the world” and you will see the starting number of your game.

When you know this number, put it in the “Seed” space on the Chunkbase website. Make sure to enter the version of the game that corresponds to yours. You will see the option below the coordinate map on the right. Then click on the blue button “Find towns!” and a series of dots will appear. These points are the towns in an approximate position.

If you want to know the coordinates of one of these points, hover your mouse over them. Take a look at the XZ numbers displayed at the bottom left of the map and write them down or keep the browser open while you play. With this method, you can already get an idea of ​​where the villages exist.

Second method: use teleportation tricks and village location

If you already know the complete or partial coordinates of some towns, there is a perfect trick, which is the / teleport or / tp command.

This command is divided into different sections: / tp [Your name] XY Z. In other words, you must first write the name, always respecting upper and lower case letters. Then write each number of coordinates in order. If it contains a negative number, don’t forget the “-“ symbol!

If you are in the game and don’t want to use the Chunkbase website, you can choose the / search command. For PC and in Spanish, the trick is to locate Aldea, respecting the capital letter. On mobile phones or in the English versions, the trick is / locate the town.

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What this command does is locate the village closest to your position. However, it is common for you to receive only the XZ coordinate values, without the Y position. This is also true for Chunkbase.

When you want to teleport, you’ll have to try your luck with different Y values. If you get buried, dig fast! And try not to put too many numbers, or you risk dying from the fall.

Third method: use a specific seed

If you don’t want to create a new world, you can choose to use a Seed that you know well. There are several here, and in many cases they are full of villages.

Some start directly in a town. If you choose this method, when creating a world, be sure to enter the corresponding seed number correctly.

Fourth method: explore for yourself!

The last method is the most laborious of all, but it can be the most fun. It’s a lot of effort having to go hunting for towns yourself, but this is the true Minecraft experience!

We only recommend that you mount a fast mount, so that the exploration is more effective. Remember to look more at the biomes of the plains, savannas, deserts and taigas, because this is where you will find villages.

A helpful tip here is to open the chat console and type / play creative mode to activate creative mode. In this mode, press the skip button twice. This will allow you to float and see the world around you better.After all, it is easier to find towns looking from above.

Another way to write this trick is to replace “creative” with “c” or “1”. If you want to go back to survival mode, enter / survival in game mode.

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