How to find The Walking Tree? Minecraft Creepypasta

THE WALKING TREE – Minecraft Creepypasta

THE WALKING TREE - Minecraft Creepypasta download

In this article we will not only tell you the true story about “The walking tree”, we will also tell you how to find the walking tree in Minecraft.

This terrifying phenomenon occurred when a group of players looking for a safe place to build their base, had no better idea than to build it in a birch forest, one of them proposing to build a house made of trees.

Among the many birch trees, they came across a special and really big one that stood out from the rest, a giant spruce tree, which is very rare considering that they were in a birch forest.

walking tree minecraft

Despite finding this fact strange, strange and uncommon, the friends decided not to cut down the giant fir tree, but to build a wooden house next to it, a decision that they would regret in the future.

That was not only a foolish decision, they also decided to place a block of diamonds under the tree and go to sleep because the night would come.

diamond tree

After having slept all night, one of the friends noticed something amazing but also terrifying, the diamond block was now embedded in the tree, as if it had been born in the spruce tree or perhaps the tree had moved and placed itself on the diamond block.

diamodn block tree minecraft

The fact that they found the spruce tree on top of the diamond block seemed strange to them, but not scary enough for one of the players to decide to mine the diamond block embedded in the tree for diamonds, as they would be leaving the forest soon.

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Minecraft Creepypasta and THE WALKING TREE minecraft

The really scary thing started to happen when the giant spruce tree started to follow them, and appeared next to the players, the same spruce tree had moved by itself out of the forest leaving a trail, a path where it walked.


However, strange things didn’t stop there, it soon became dark for no apparent reason and blocks of spruce wood began to come out of the tree chasing the players.

abedul THE WALKING TREE minecraft

These fir blocks will chase you faster and faster, locking you in them if you are not fast enough.

abedul abedul THE WALKING TREE minecraft

Download THE WALKING TREE DataPack

You can download the data pack and test how this scary Minecraft story about the walking tree chasing Minecraft players works.


Minecraft Walking Tree (Mod) Minecraft 1.12.1

If you don’t want to install the above data pack, although we recommend it for being you can download the Java 1.12 mod and try how this scary Minecraft story about the tree walking and chasing Minecraft players works.

Download Mod 1.12

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