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How to find Netherite in Minecraft?

How to find Netherite in Minecraft? Essential Tips

How to find netherite

Are you looking for a resistant material? Netherite is the most resistant material in Minecraft, it even resists being thrown into the lava.In this article you will learn how to find this rare material.

Netherite is one of the rare materials present in Minecraft, capable of creating more powerful weapons and armor. Imagine creating weapons and armor with this super resistant material.

What is Netherite in Minecraft?

Netherite is a Minecraft material that was introduced to the game in the Nether Update, a great update that was released in June 2020.

This update focused on the Nether, which is the “Hell of Minecraft”, a parallel world that can be accessed with a specific portal. Inside the nether, it is possible to create Netherite.

This is just one of the many materials that already exist in the game, such as gold, iron, stone or diamond, but its resistance is the highest of all, which makes it one of the best materials present in Minecraft. .

What can we do with it?

The Netherite block and items created with this material, for example, do not burn in lava; they are the only ones with this property. It is even the only type of material capable of floating in lava, serving as a platform.

Interestingly, a cactus, yes the plant, can destroy Netherite-created items, like armor, if they are touched for a long time.

With this material you can create:

  • Sword
  • Peak
  • Ax
  • Bread
  • Hoe
  • Helmet
  • Breastplate
  • Pants
  • Boots
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However, the only way to create these elements is to improve from the diamond. That is: the player needs to have one of them already created with diamond and improve it with Netherite from a blacksmith workbench.

Netherite crafted items last 37 times longer and have three to eight defense points.

How do we get Netherite?

Normally Netherite Bars can only be crafted and not found. It is with them that we forge the improvement of diamond items.

To forge bars, the player will need:

  • 4 Netherite Scraps
  • 4 gold bars

You simply have to combine these items in the crafting menu to get the Netherite Bars.

Very important tips:

Waste, in turn, is created when we cook the material known as Ancient Detritus in an oven.

Ancestral Scraps, in turn, are blocks that are only found in the Nether and can only be collected with a Diamond or Netherite Pick.

It is also necessary to reinforce that, to create the rare material and its armor or items, the player already needs full access to the Nether and to get used to the environment.

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