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How to find diamonds in Minecraft?


How to find diamonds in Minecraft?

In this article you will know the best places to find diamonds in Minecraft and with them forge weapons and special objects.

Diamonds are some of the rarest items in Minecraft and are only found in the wild or in chests, scattered throughout the game.

With diamonds, the user can forge more resistant weapons, elements and armor, in addition to creating the enchantment table and being able to produce magic items, with extra benefits.

Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft are in nature or in chests scattered around the map, but everything is based on random luck, you cannot create them.

These are places where you can find diamonds in chests in Minecraft:

  • Mine shaft (mines with carts): about 10% chance;
  • Buried treasure (ships or in the desert): about 50% chance;
  • Desert Temple (only in the desert): about 6% chance;
  • End City (end of the game): about 21% of probability;
  • Jungle Temple (forests only): about 12% chance;
  • Nether Fortress (Nether only): about 19% chance;
  • Shipwreck (sunken ship): about 14% chance;
  • Fortress (Fortresses scattered on the map) – about 7% chance;
  • Village (peaceful villages): between 9% and 16% chance

how to find diamonds in minecraft

Diamonds in the wild in Minecraft

Also luckily, but without a confirmed percentage, it is possible to find Diamonds inside caves in Minecraft, next to the walls. But there is no secret: it is absolutely random, you should look for them yourself.

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The only valid advice is that the deeper you dig and the deeper the chances of finding the rare diamonds are.

If the player finds blocks with diamonds, they will see small pale blue stones. Diamonds can be extracted normally with your tool, the pick for example, and collect the elements.

how to find diamonds

Let’s not forget the last way to get diamonds, the exchange. You can exchange diamonds for items with the villagers villagers, who are found in towns and usually have many items.

But the exchange may not be worth it as sometimes the villagers only accept Emeralds in exchange for diamonds, another rare and valuable item within the world of Minecraft.


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