How to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19? In five minutes

How to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19?

seed How to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19?

In this article we will show you how to find an Ancient City in 5 MINUTES, definitive method that we achieved after an analysis of more than 200 seeds in both Java and Bedrock of Minecraft.

After analyzing each seed in both Bedrock and Java in which we found ancient cities we came to the following conclusions that you must follow to find ancient cities as quickly as possible.

Also at the end of this article you will find seeds with ancient cities and their coordinates for Minecraft 1.19.

Features that you must find in your world to find an Ancient City quickly.

The first thing you should know is that if an ancient city is in a coordinate in the Java version, in Bedrock it will also be in that place in Bedrock. Therefore ancient cities are generated under the same patterns and conditions, in both versions of Minecraft.

Find the following features in your world and you will find an Ancient City:

1- The first thing you need to know is the distance of the Ancient City from the player’s spawn 75% of the ancient cities are generated at a distance of no more than 2000 blocks from the spawn and the other 25% of the ancient cities are generated at 4000 blocks. Therefore three out of four spawns have an ancient city less than 2000 blocks away from the player and no more than 4000 blocks away.

How to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19?

2- Mountains: Whenever there is a mountain there is an ancient city and that mountain in most cases must be made of snow. This is true because the ancient city occupies a large size.

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How to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19?

Ancient cities are only generated in a single biome “Deep Dark“. Deep dark is only generated in one place, i.e. in areas of low erosion, basically deep dark is always under mountain biomes between the largest peaks and between the mountains you will find ancient cities.

Also the ancient cities are generated very low, so you have to dig quite deep, always around -40 to -50.

Ancient cities need to connect to the surface and this will clearly be through a cave so you should look for caves in the mountain surfaces or aquifers, if there is water at the entrance explore by diving.

3Sculk Biome: The Sculk biome is always bigger than the ancient city, so whenever you see sculk blocks in a cave you should follow it because there is 100% chance that it will lead you to an ancient city.

4How big is an ancient city? This is a relative value but you could say that it measures approximately 250 x 250 blocks with a height of 40 blocks. Therefore an ancient city is 16 x 16 chunks.

How to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19?

Therefore understanding this we understand that an ancient city is very large and therefore it is not so difficult to find because it is a large area. There are ancient cities that do not surface but they are very rare.

Final conclusions to keep in mind when finding ancient cities

When you are in your world you have to know that there is a 75% chance that the ancient city is 2000 blocks away from the spawn and as far away it will be between 3500 and 4000 blocks away.

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Once you are inside the cave if you find sculk blocks it is very likely that you are close to an ancient city you just have to keep moving. Look for mountains as these are created with large caves inside and look for the patterns mentioned above.

How to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19?

The ancient city is incredibly low if we dig down in an ancient city we see that we will reach the bedrock very quickly, basically when an ancient city generates only generates to a level and this is and negative 52.

Many people do not have a new game and moved to Minecraft 1.19 from a previous game. Your old world has the same patterns for generating old cities so you must do the same to find old cities.

So if you want to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft you have to focus on finding caves in mountains and start going down.

Minecraft 1.19 Seeds with Ancient Cities

seed 1.19 ancient city ANCIENT CITY SEED ll MINECRAFT ll

In all the seeds here you will find ancient cities with their corresponding coordinates.

  • Seed: 7901583960864769992 .This seed has three ancient cities and a fortress, these are the coordinates:

First city: (1224,-44, 488).
Second city: (1384,-44,184).
Third city: (1624,-44,104).
Fortress: (1641,6,339)

  • Seed: -8025626287611516340. Position: -395 -34 -1855. Ancient city with a ruined portal
  • Seed: 3498238001531521703. Coords: X495 and -1125z. Seed with a waterfall that you can follow straight down to find an ancient city
  • Seed: (An ancient city mineshaft¬†): 71719390589515457 Position: 1382, -38, 24.
  • Seed: ¬†-1036999784078004942 . Coords: -672 – 18 -244. This entire ancient city is covered by one lava pool.
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