How to download Minecraft without money?

Before proceeding with the download instructions, let’s get the lead elephant out of the room. Yes, you need to buy Minecraft on different platforms. While the game supports cross-platform play, it is still considered a standalone release on a specific platform.

Therefore, you’ll need to buy Minecraft again if you want to migrate from something like a PC to a PS4 or vice versa. That said, a new download on the same platform does not guarantee a new purchase.

Minecraft game features

  • Unique graphics that have become the “calling card” of the project.
  • A huge open world that the participant creates himself.
  • Changing the properties of any building element.
  • Ability to use additional mods.
  • Good multiplayer to play together.

M4A4 Howl

M4A4 was the only contraband grade weapon in CSGO. It was involved in an ownership dispute over the artwork, which made it rare to find. But you can buy other used models for under $5,000, without the stickers. You can also sell StatTrak from the new version by applying the right stickers to it. Its price goes up to $100,000 when Minecraft stickers are applied to it.


Minecraft Free Trial

Minecraft offers a free trial to its users on its website.

The duration of the trial is limited depending on the edition you choose to play. The Java Edition free trial runs for 100 minutes and requires an internet connection to play.

Windows 10

The first way to play Minecraft for free is to use TLauncher. The tricky part here is that using TLauncher is against the Minecraft User Agreement. The download website may also contain viruses, so we recommend that you use a VPN and antivirus to protect your PC during the installation. Follow the steps below to install Minecraft using TLauncher:

  1. Go to the Minecraft download page and click Download. It’s a small text located under the Get It Now button.
  2. Once redirected to a new page, click Request Download Link.
  3. On a new page, select the download option for Windows (.exe file).
  4. Once the file is loaded, double click on the launch icon to run it.
  5. In the launcher installation window, expand the drop-down menu and select Create and manage accounts.
  6. Click the green plus icon to register an account, then select Free (no password). Follow the onscreen instructions. Optionally, click Account if you already have an account.
  7. Select your account and click the orange house icon to log in.
  8. Once you’ve logged into your account and redirected to the install window, select the version of Minecraft you wish to install from the drop down menu.
  9. Click install and play and wait for the installation to finish. So, launch the game and start playing.
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