How to create a Nether portal in Minecraft?

How to create a Nether portal in Minecraft

Minecraft has two main worlds (Overworld and Nether):

Overworld is the name of the main world of Minecraft, where players live their lives and build.

The Nether is the most disturbing and dangerous dimension of all minecraft. It is a dimension full of darkness and lava, representing “hell” within Minecraft. In it you will find challenges and resources, but first you must know how to create a portal to get there there.

The portal is necessary to access the Nether and travel between the two worlds.

Beware of Nether creatures:

Before entering the Nether you need to understand that there are creatures within that are different from those found in Overworld, even more dangerous.

Blaze – A flying fire that attacks players with projectiles.
Ghast – A flying creature that attacks with projectiles.
Magma Cube: a slime made of lava that attacks by jumping
Wither Skeleton: Skeletons with Swords
Zombie Pigman – Neutral zombie that only attacks when attacked.

How to enter the Nether in Minecraft?

To enter the Nether, we must build a portal. The portal is made of obsidian cubes and something to create fire, like a lighter.

nether portal turorial image

We must have these materials and do the following:

1-Get 10 Obsidian;

2-Place those 10 obsidian cubes in the shape of a door (with base, roof and sides);

3-When you’re done putting it together, use the lighter in front of the door to open the portal.

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Obsidian cubes are obtained after mixing water with lava, so they are rare. Another important point is that “10 cubes” is a minimum number. The portal can have more, as long as it respects the structure of a door.

More about the Nether

The Nether is a place full of danger and lava, yes, but it is also useful. Every eight map tokens within the Nether equals 64 blocks in Overworld.

That is, walking inside the Nether makes you walk a much greater distance in Overworld, if you create another exit portal. Therefore, its main function is to move quickly around the map.

Also, one last tip is worth it:

You must not sleep in this world, never sleep in the Nether, do not even take a bed for this dimension. Sleeping in the place causes the player character to automatically explode and lose his items.


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