how to change your username minecraft

How to change username in Minecraft?

How to change username in Minecraft?

Want to change the Minecraft username? Here’s how to change the name in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a success, whether you like the building block game or not, and when you entered the game for the first time you have put a totally random name and now you don’t like it.

The game has been popular since its testing days, and at that time, many people created random nicknames to explore the world.

The almost constant problem of who creates usernames, on impulse, is almost always regretting later and wanting to change.

Sometimes you can’t change your username in Minecraft, but there are cases where you still have a chance. Do you regret your nickname? Here’s how to change the name in Minecraft.

The following tutorial will explain how to change the nickname in the computer version of the game.

For now, it is not yet possible to make this change in the Pocket Edition or the console editions of Minecraft, since the nickname used in the game is the same as that of the Xbox Live or PSN user.

How to change your name in Minecraft? (Computer)

Remember that it is not possible to change the nickname if it was created in less than 30 days. With each name change you have to wait another 30 days to make another one, if you want.

1-Access your account
Minecraft on your computer;

2-To change your nickname, go to the option to change your profile;

3-In your profile, select the option “go to the configuration page of your Mojang account”;

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4-On the developer’s website, log in to your Mojang account (the login is the same as the Minecraft website);

5-On the page that opens, log into your Mojang account (which must be the same as on the game’s website);

6-Once you have logged in, go to the option “My games” where you will see the list of your games from the manufacturer;

7-In “Profile name”, you will see your current name in the game. Click “Change” to change it;

8-Your nickname must be unique and have from 3 to 16 characters (without spaces). Letters (upper and lower case) and numbers are allowed. The only special character allowed is the underscore (_).

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