How to Block XRAY on your Server? (Without plugins)

Block XRAY on your Server (Without plugins)

Welcome in this tutorial we will show you how to block the use of XRAY inside your server. The XRAY allows users to know where exactly the minerals are and helps them to get them in a very fast way, so this kind of trap is very necessary to avoid it in a Survival server.

What the Anti Xray that I will show you here does, is to replace the stone blocks with random minerals. These minerals that are replaced are fake and disappear as users break nearby blocks. What this does is to completely cover the real minerals and cheating users will not be able to distinguish correctly which are fake minerals and which are real ones.

Anti XRAY PaperMC

To prevent cheaters from using XRAY on our server we will use PAPER which detects and activates when users use XRAY.

This program offers us the possibility to replace all the blocks with fake minerals so that they are not distinguishable from the real blocks as shown in the following image:

 anti xray hack paper

How to use PaperMC?

Paper offers us a configuration file where we can modify the anti xray, to do this follow these steps:

1- Download Paper for your server version from its official site in the following button:

2- You must save the downloaded jar file in the folder of your computer where you have located the “Servers Minecraft” folder. Save it in that folder and run it.

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3- Then you must locate a file called “paper” with YML extension which you must open in a program that allows you to modify it like Notepad.

paper mc

4- After opening the file named paper you must modify the section called “anti-xray“, where it says “enabled:false” you must replace it with “enabled:true” as shown in the following image. Also you must modify “engine-mode:” and replace it with “engine-mode: 2“.

anti-xray anti hack

If you want to know more about Paper’s configuration, go to the following button:

The “hidden-blocks:” option shows the blocks affected by Paper which you can remove or add even more blocks.

How to STOP Xray on your Minecraft Server? (Aternos)

If you have a server created in Aternos and you want to prevent them from using Xray, we will show you how to install Paper as a Plugin in Aternos servers, although you can also use it in Minehut servers.

We assume that you should have already created your Aternos server and therefore we ask you to follow the following steps to install paper:

1- On the Aternos page, login to your server and then in the menu on the left side look for the option called “Software” and then go to “Paper/Bukkit“.

Paper-Bukkit aternos

2- Inside “Paper/Bukkit” you must select the Minecraft version of your server, click on it and then start the PaperMC installation.

install papermc aternos

After installation go in the left menu to “Server” and start your server by clicking on the “Start” button to load PaperMC on your server.

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3- After your server has started and loaded the PaperMc files, you must stop it with the “Stop” button and go in the left menu to “Files”.

Inside “Files”, reload your browser by pressing F5 on your keyboard.  Inside Files you should find and enter a file named “paper.yml“.


4- Now you must scroll down in the file “paper.yml”, until you find the line 241 where you will see written the following “anti-xray:”.

You must change the line “enabled:false” to the following “enabled:true“. You must also change the line “engine-mode: 1” to the following “engine-mode: 2“. After changing everything click on the save button.

xray aternos server plugin paper mc minecraft

5- Done, everything is now configured to prevent cheaters from using Xray. Don’t forget to go to options in Aternos and activate the “cracked” option to avoid problems. You will be able to play Minecraft normally.

cracked aternos

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