How to Add Mods on Aternos?


In this tutorial we are going to show you how to quickly add mods to your Aternos server for Minecraft. This works for Minecraft Java Edition and TLauncher.

Install mods on Aternos servers so you can use them on your own server is very easy, for this you need to have downloaded TLauncher that if you don’t have it yet, we leave it in the following button, so you can download it from its official site.

Steps to add mods to your Aternos server

1- After downloading TLauncher, all you have to do is log in to Aternos, or in case you are not registered, register for free by following this link.

After logging in to Aternos you must create a server and give it a name and save it by clicking on the floppy disk icon, accept the privacy policy and click on the “Sign Up” button.

 create server minecraft. aternos

It is recommended that before you start adding mods you have a folder on your computer where you add all the mods.

2- Inside Aternos, go to the left menu and look for an option called “Server”, then locate a section called Version. Here you must click on the “Change” button as indicated with a red arrow in the following image.

change version minecraft aternos minecraft

Under Versions we recommend you to select version 1.12.2, as it is the most stable version to play with mods.

aternos vanilla 1.12.2

After selecting the version you want, just click on the “Reinstall” button that will appear in a new screen. After installed in “Version” in the main screen should show the version you have chosen that in our case is the 1.12.2 to consider it the most stable so far to run mods.

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3- The following step consists of going to Software that you will find it in the menu of the left and then to click where it says Forge, that will allow us that the mods are executed in our server.

forge for aternos minecraft

Inside Forge we will see many options of versions but the one that we must install is the one that coincides with the one that we have chosen previously 1.12.2.

4- Go back to the main page of Aternos and in “Version” will appear between brackets the version of Forge that you have installed, in our case the

forge aternos installed

Then you must install the same version of Forge on your computer. To save you the search in the following button you will find Forge 1.12.2 ( If you have a different version, simply search for your version on the same page.

isntall forge

After downloading the correct version of Forge simply click on run the newly downloaded program and follow the installation steps. Important: You must install the “Install Client” option.

install client forge

5- Now comes the important part, adding the mods to our Aternos server. In the left menu you will see a puzzle piece icon with the name Mods, which you must enter.

install mods aternos

In the search bar you can search thousands of mods and click on the one you are interested in to install it. The mod version you install must match the one we are going to play and the one that matches our forge, which in our case is 1.12.2.

journey map aternos

To install the mod on the server you must click on the download button on the page itself as indicated in the image above and then click on the link that will send you to the Curse Forge page to install the mod on your computer, which must match.

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Look for the version of the mod that matches the one installed on your server, in our case the 1.12. After downloading it, drag it to the folder you have previously created to save the mods.

6- The next step is to go to TLauncher and choose the version of Forge that we have installed and then open the “Files” folder as indicated in the following image.

tlauncher mods install

Here we must look for the folder that says mods. In this folder called mods we must paste all the mods that we download for our server.

 mod forge installed tlauncher

Remember that you should not put the mods in a folder when you add them to the “mods” folder, you should add only the files. In your Aternos server you will be able to see the mods you have installed in the “Files” tab.

7- Ready, now you can start the server in the aternos page, in the server section, click on the Start button and then you must start the Minecraft game to enjoy with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Remember that in “Server Address” you must paste the address of your aternos server.

server address aternos

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