How rare is the ancient city in Minecraft?

Besides Echo Shards and Disc Fragments, there are other goods that can be found in an ancient city. They’re not unique to this type of build, but they’re definitely worth grabbing if you make it this far.

  • Regeneration Potion
  • Bottle of Enchantment
  • Enchanted Book
  • Amethyst Shard
  • Luminous Berries
  • Music Disc 13
  • (Cat) Music Disc
  • (Other Side) Music Disc
  • Name Tag
  • Saddle
  • Diamond Horse Armor
  • Enchanted Diamond Hoe
  • Enchanted Diamond Leggings
  • Golden Carrot
  • Enchanted Golden Apple

What loot is found in Ancient Towns in Minecraft

After successfully finding the Ancient Town, you can start looting all the chests that are scattered around the area. All of these chests contain rare endgame items that you can use to continue your adventure after defeating the Ender Dragon. It is highly recommended that you use high level gear to explore these cities or the deep dark biome as they are home to some powerful mobs.

In addition to chests, you can also find lots of Sculk items throughout the area. Also, you can even grab the soul lanterns and snow globes that can be found around the location as well. Another thing to keep in mind is that snowballs can be used to distract the Warden if he gets too close to you.

Where to find ancient cities in Minecraft

The ancient city structure can only be found within the Deep Dark biome. The Deep Dark biome can be found anywhere below level zero, meaning players looking for an ancient city will need to venture underground to find one.

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The best way to find the Deep Dark biome and ancient cities is to find a cave or series of caves that lead deep underground. Ancient cities found within the Deep Dark can usually be found connected to existing caves.

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Once you’re in a Deep Dark biome, venture into the cave until you start to see blocks like Polished and Chiselled Deepslate, Soul Lanterns, Basalt and candles. Since ancient cities are usually very large, often spanning hundreds of blocks, you may need to dig a lot to discover the full scale of the area. It is important to note that not all Deep Dark biomes have an ancient city. If you find a fairly small Deep Dark biome, chances are you won’t find the town and have to travel to another cave.

Ancient cities have many characteristics that make them worth exploring. Many of the blocks that appear in them, such as the deep slate decorative bricks, are useful for returning to your base and building with. Similarly, you’ll find numerous chests scattered about with powerful loot, ranging from iron equipment and enchanted diamonds to enchanted books.

Using Chunk Base

Chunk Base is a Minecraft application that can help you find specific spawned structures or biomes in your world.

Copying your world’s seed to the website allows you to see a complete map of your world and the location of any structure, from a village to a mineshaft to the ancient city.

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