How rare are ancient cities?

To find Ancient Cities, you need to go to the Deep Dark Biome and delve further to locate the city. They are extremely rare, so you won’t find them in every Deep Dark Biome. Also, these cities are mostly composed of deepslates.

That’s not all though, you must first find the Deep Dark Biome to find these cities. That’s why we’re going to show you how you can do it without running into a lot of problems. Also, if you want to know why these ancient cities are worth finding, read on to find out. With that said, let’s jump right in and figure out how to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft.

How to find an ancient city in Minecraft

To find the ancient city in¬†Minecraft, you will have to go to a very specific area. To be specific, Ancient Cities can be found in level -52 in some deep dark biomes. These are special types of cave biomes buried underground. You’ll need to dig around them for civilian buildings or structures, then dig down to level -52.

The Deep Dark

The Deep Dark is a unique cave biome that can be found deep within caves in the Overworld. It is considered very rare.

When you run into the Deep Darkness you will notice it immediately. It is the only biome where Sculk-type blocks grow, and they usually completely cover cave walls. These are dark blue, almost black blocks covered with light blue spots.

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Where to find ancient cities in Minecraft

Ancient city structure can only be found within the Deep Dark biome. The Deep Dark biome can be found anywhere below level y zero, meaning players looking for an ancient city will need to venture deep underground to find one.

The best way to find the Deep Dark Biome and Ancient Cities is to find a cave or series of caves that lead deep underground. Ancient cities found within the Deep Dark are usually found connected to existing caverns.

How to make a Recovery Compass

First, you’ll need a regular compass and eight Echo Shards. Place the compass in the centermost slot of a crafting table and then completely surround it with the echo shards. This recipe will give you a Recovery Compass. Such an item will help you find the place where you last died, and potentially the items you dropped the last time you met your fate.

The recipe for making this music disc is pretty simple: you have to fill all the slots on a crafting table with nine disc fragments. This will result in the formation of a 5 music disc.

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