How much is a diamond block worth in Minecraft?

The value of diamonds seems to have transcended our physical world and taken pride of place in the universe of Minecraft, a Lego-style adventure game that has grown tremendously in popularity since it was released two years ago.

Minecraft now has more than 33 million users worldwide and in it diamonds have become the second most wanted mineral, as the guys from 911metallurgist explain here.

Finding diamonds without mining

While diamond mining is potentially the most consistent way to find them (especially with the increased level -59 mining chances provided with the 1.19 update), there is another way to find them – treasure chests. Throughout Minecraft, you’ll come across locations that have chests filled with long-abandoned items and loot from their previous owners. Here you will potentially be able to score some diamonds. It’s worth pointing out that this method of hunting for diamonds is quite inconsistent as not all chests will have them, but if you’re out and about and come across a chest it’s worth checking out to see if they have any free diamonds for. the socket.

Take a look inside the chests below for a chance to find free diamonds:

How to find diamonds fast in Minecraft

Mining branches is the fastest way to get diamonds make your first diamond tools and tools. With a bit of luck, you can rush to find iron and diamond on the first night, as long as you manage to gather enough resources.

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You will need several pickaxes (that are made of at least iron or better), some buckets of water, good armour, food and a sword or bow. Also bring lots of torches to light your way.

Cocoa Beans

One of the rarest natural products encountered in Minecraft, cocoa beans are a necessity if you want to dye wool or make cookies.

Thanks to health foods promoting cocoa as a snack and coffee alternative, it’s easy to assume that you’d be paying about $17 a pound for a pound bag. (Cocoa beans are unroasted, cold-pressed cocoa beans to a more natural state than roasted cocoa powder.)

Chemical combiner

Physical phenomena are those in which no there is conversion of some substances into others. The chemical combinator, on the other hand, was created precisely for the conversion of certain substances into other chemical pathways (alchemical game).

An example of a chemical reaction in Minecraft, if we take a tree and burn it in an oven, we will get coal. Wood burned in water and carbon dioxide. Furthermore, in this reaction, after the energy expended for ignition, there is a release of sufficient energy to self-sustain the combustion reaction until the coal is exhausted. Thus, with alchemical devices, more resources and more energy can be obtained than with traditional vanilla ovens or conventional crafting. The gases and impurities of the mixtures are trapped in alchemical devices and form the side blocks of matter. The by-products can also be used in a variety of chemical transformations of substances.

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