How many villagers can you have not including yourself?

Unfortunately, players who were hoping they could have dozens of villagers running around on their island at once will be disappointed. The latest entry in the franchise has a villager limit of 10 characters, meaning players will not be able to have their island full of NPCs.

This title has hundreds of possible villagers for players to meet and share in the fun. No doubt some players will be sad to see that capped at 10 villagers will hinder their ability to see all these friendly faces in larger numbers.

How long does it take for villagers to arrive on your island

Depending on your stage in the game and the number of free places available, it may take 1 to 3 days before the villagers settle on your island

Below is the complete guide to inviting villagers to move in, along with the timelines for each method.

How to get rid of villagers?

Thankfully, it’s nothing as bleak as the image above would lead you to believe. You can’t just hit a villager on the head and bury his lifeless body in that spot where you know where the ground is soft, wrapped in a carpet you painstakingly made yourself.

Instead, what you’ll want to do is go to Resident Services and talk to Isabelle. One of the options she offers is to discuss a resident. Choose that and make a claim. After a while, this will get the said villager evicted and you’ll be free to invite another one in their place. If you are impatient, you can try making multiple complaints in a row.

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I’m almost wishing for an eject button

In the last week I started cleaning up my¬†Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. It’s a step I imagine many others have taken as well, to prepare for the upcoming update on November 5th. But as I clean up my island, it’s not the weeds or debris that’s causing the most headaches. They are, oddly enough, the villagers.

When I restarted Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it had been ages since I last checked into the island. And walking around my small town of Zanarkand, I definitely recognized a face or two. But so many others were strangers; characters I’d barely spent time with, much less developed an attachment.

Time travel to speed up days

In case you haven’t already realized, time in Animal Crossing is unlike other simulation games where a “day” in the game it’s a few hours IRL. In fact, the game runs on real-world time, which means that the digital sun only sets when it’s really evening.

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